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  • wise4us wise4us Sep 19, 2009 3:57 PM Flag

    Bottom line - Govt. Intervention looks good for Clwr

    Last I checked, the powers to be within the FCC and more importantly the Obama Administration have voiced their preferences for massive wireless broadband expansion. I'm afraid Merlot you are backing the wrong horse again, because our new President wants to see small companies like Clerwire to succeed.

    Just do a lttle research on the FCC panel, and you'll find out Wimax is in their blood.

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    • That doesn't address the central topic of packet equality at all and you still haven't answered the question.

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      • Packets shouldn't have equality: what should be required is that company x's packets/applications gets treated similarly to company y's. AT&T proposed a pay for quality scheme. I have not gotten into the details of these regulations or proposals. I think there should be QoS and that the networks access should allow 3rd party augmentation above the air-interface level. The network needs to become highly adaptive, self-organized and smart/Intelligent in how it combines, compresses, routes and caches and stores traffic. The operators can do that or the level can be opened up. The wireless operators should only control their portion of the access layer and let innovation through partners and 'do no harm' 3rd parties.

        SKU the operators who want to be sticks in the mud.