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  • cloud4g cloud4g Sep 20, 2009 2:16 PM Flag

    Bottom line - Govt. Intervention looks good for Clwr

    The basic 'clash of the titans' concept is between the IT industry perspective and the operator owned and operated network perspective. The future of communications, 4G and beyond, as seen by ITU and others who have formulated what is likely to evolve and what is desired from both an industry and a societal perspective is for communications to be ICT, not mobile and not IT communications. ICT stands for Information and Communication Technologies and can best be viewed as the cloud of inter-networks.

    From the IT perspective, corporations, governments and individuals want a high degree of control over THEIR computing network and applications. That does not mean you have to own everything, in fact the model is moving more towards SaaS. But users want to be able to make decisions that suit their needs and strategic objectives: sometimes organizations or individuals want to buy hardware and software even if it might make more sense to buy that as a service available over a broadband connection. People want control. And innovation is more fluidly enthused when is unleashed in an open environment.

    Wireless operators want to own the network and an increasing part of the applications environment as wireless has become mobile. The mobile industry makes money selling access to wireless communications pipes and applications and extended services that they control or control through surrogates under binding agreements. They want to own the apparatus the brings new creativity to the network.. open but they still want to be the gatekeepers.

    "Users want everything for nothing" Users always want 'unobtainium' - borrowing from the aerospace industry - the perfect product/material that has no wieght, not cost, and does a miraculous job.

    Companies want to sell you something: operators want your money.. no surprise in that. And they are faced with the diilema that if they give users what they are accustomed to in the IT/Internet environment that the user will find better, cheaper, more tailored or just 'cooler' (herd mentality) ways to satisfy their needs... they face loss of control over revenues.

    Its the money honey... everyone wants it. But as the US economy has found, you have to create value over the long run. The world, the macro economy, the micro economy has to be competitive. The garden walls have to come down and they are.

    Operators should provide access to users of networks that are not bottle-knecks to the ICT vision.