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  • Merlot_1 Merlot_1 Sep 21, 2009 8:19 AM Flag

    Bottom line - Govt. Intervention looks good for Clwr

    Seems there is widespread support to preserve the core net neutrality objective and ensure the unfettered access of content providers to the public. With the guidelines and monitoring that has been in place this issue seems to have been contained, or so it seemed.

    Many of the newer agendas shoved under the net neutrality umbrella fall more in a preventative "competition leveling" category with the benefits and consequences much less clear while they are also more intrusive into the operational mechanics of network management.

    One item the public needs to be very concerned about is that the new rules don't force the telecom industry back toward a price-per-minute or price-per-packet pricing model for data access. Even the IT industry would agree that the fixed-price, virtual all-you-can-eat pricing model was and is critical to the continued growth, popularity and utility of the net.