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  • martinsays2001 martinsays2001 Nov 11, 2009 9:57 AM Flag

    Bright Spot In the Economy, What Does Wall Street Do?

    make it look like its bad... When in Reality its moving "Full Steam Ahead" This ship is Financed, Great Management, Big Players (INTC,S) and its trading near book value.... hmmm ... I wonder who is selling?

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    • The Point of the headline is... JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

      When a company like this is expanding mass wireless broadbaud, its for real folks,

      Graig McCaw and his teams are the best in the business, and in the World.

      "American Jobs" are a priority for the OBAMA Admin... well ok... we'll see.

      Lets see how another headline could read,

      "Clearwire Provides Jobs and Growth in WiMax Wireless, currently giving access to 29 Million people and Millions more in months to come!"

      This mobility will greatly enhanced device connectivity at broadband speeds of _____
      and These Devices are on sale now, called, _____!!!

      Ok... those made in Taiwan and China... but sold and used here for , yes JOBS.

      (Steve Jobs needs to cross platform the iPhone, thought out-loud)

      Yes, a HOT Gadget is needed to spark the useage,
      When listening to the CC, I don't recall hearing much on devices, something
      that's going to drive new sub's... then,

      The date useage numbers were a good Q,

      about double, per user from 3G to 4G download.

      meaning more sub's would choose the full priced package to then be counted as higher revenue dollars per.

      So with subscriber forecasted to increase and revenges gernerated from this,

      What does next years tech provide in cost and time to install, the headline today is a lack of imagination on the reporters part.

      The 1.8B Invested is Huge when talking the size of POP it will cover... What are they thinking... Design changes are on a few months time frame... How can/will even the builders know what's going to be possible looking out 12 months?

      In 12 months what are the Subcriber Base est's going to be?... lets do a ruff guess, 75 Million to 80 million and run some revenue numbers.

      So many new apps, that's a software JOBS numbers that will create an extension from app makers for the iPhone. Which is growing like greedy capitalist should.

      So, of course there's more.

      Forward sounding statement are reviewed on a daily basis. This is not a recomendation to buy or sell any security meantioned without first consulting your own Investment Adviser before making a decision.

    • typical reaction to earnings buzz. it's turning back now. should close close to $7.

    • Perhaps Google (and Google management) is selling?

    • "hmmm ... I wonder who is selling? "

      The smart people...