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  • forsdavis forsdavis Dec 22, 2009 1:55 PM Flag

    Clearwire Offering


    If you hold Clearwire are you considered a holder of class A stock? Don't think so, but now sure.

    If you are a class A holder of Clearwire stock, why would you want to buy .4336 shares for $7.33 a share versus buying into today - 1 share for $6.98? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, unless the big boys (partners pretty much just hold class A shares)?

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    • Looks like investors like yourself keep selling the stock below the offering price , seams to me that the big boys think the stock is worth more than $7,33 . I think they keep taking advantage of the sell of !

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      • orlickas
        works building aerospace landing assemblies and he can measure to infinity so he must be right about everything, this is his Boeing brag post.

        I am sure I could teach you a lot with my long experience in manufacturing parts for landing gears and others . We make parts for Boeing , Airbus , Bombardier and some military planes ! So don't tell me about my mental ability and qualifications because I believe in my ability . I work on parts which cost thousands of dollars ( one part only ) and one wrong decision on my part would scrap them completely ! We don't have union and we don't go on strike , unlike you .

        Notice how he has the time to teach, usually those who teach can not do it it what I have been told

      • As the offering expires on June 21, 2010 there is that potential for it to rise. I guess that if u are still holding the stock it means u have hope that it will rise. Every time it rises above $7.33 u can still buy it at 7.33. If it goes to $10 or above u could still buy it at a discount on JUne 20 without having to buy it now and wait.
        I dont see any reason why u cant even flip it at that time unles there are conditions connected to the offering that I dont know of.