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  • sanddollars586 sanddollars586 Jan 28, 2010 9:22 AM Flag

    AT&T adds 2.7M wireless customers, beating Verizon

    "The phone company added a near-record 2.7 million wireless customers in the last quarter, defying expectations with the help of new e-reading devices."

    So apparently another category of mobile device doesn't need 4G to demonstrate healthy sales.

    For sure 4G will offer benefits when its available, but all the evidence is showing that incumbent networks will continue to serve the majority of new devices and applications for years to come.

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    • "Verizon (VZ): The wireless stock is now Hold from Buy at Argus which says it sees more wireless competition for the firm."

      Verizon was downgraded due to more wireless competition from 4G WIMAX super high speed providers.

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      • What's the take away here?

        First and foremost its that 3.5G data networks rule the wireless world. 4G demand ramp is yet to come. Gross analysis would look at this as 'one wins, the other losses' - who needs 4G if 3G is where the action is today? Obviously, because devices are often made to work across multiple generations and designs of networks and each next generation of technology provides higher bandwidth at lower cost per bit. Therefore, overwhelming success
        of earlier generations of broadband, even of wired and fiber optic broadband and WiFi, move the direction of the market toward the devices and applications favorable to the shift to higher capacity NG wireless. Again, its almost as if Clearwire could sit back and wait for wireless broadband market demand to outstrip the available spectrum held by other operators or likely to be made available by the FCC in new auctions. However, the proactive pursuit of the BB capacity market, although highly capital intensive, has the potential for generating the typical huge revenues of mobile operators (with expansion into Cloud ICT and other new markets).

        Net-net take away is that the market continues to exceed expectations for broadband wireless consumption. Its now dominated by 3G-3.5G data network expansion which will continue. However, greenfield and 3G operators who are pressed by lack of spectrum and growing BB demand are moving rapidly toward 4G. Most are going to deploy 3G-LTE starting in earnest during 2011. And some are pursuing the holly grail of multi-carrier RAN.

      • So you believe CLWR only creates competition for Vz but not for AT&T.