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  • Merlot_1 Merlot_1 Apr 14, 2010 5:38 PM Flag

    LTE Market To Top $11 Billion By 2014

    "Already undergoing rapid deployment, the worldwide spread of Long Term Evolution network technology is accelerating, according to a report from Infonetics Research.

    The market research firm expects the LTE market to top $11 billion by 2014 as more firms continue to commit to the high-speed mobile wireless technology. In a report a year ago, Infonetics estimated the LTE market would reach $5 billion in 2013."

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    • Money managers are fully aware of the relationship of CAPEX for a new network build-out and still value the shares far below the New CLWR deal price because performance factors that accurately measure current operating performance are not satisfactory. Among these are;

      - Net subscribers
      - Market penetration
      - Gross margins
      - Cost Per Gross Customer Add
      - OPEX
      - Churn
      - Amount of capital being spent
      - Additional debt and or equity dilution

      It's CLWR's obligation to prove it is worthy of investment with tangible results and what is obvious is that money managers remain very skeptical.

    • ClWR is lost in its wimax technology. LTE will blow out ClW in 2 years and ClW will be bk.

    • Hey dummy, Verizon was mentioned twice in that lame-assed two-year-old article you posted, the article your wonderful market research company regurgitated and redated today. Terrific job of researching. Did you even read it? And oh, OMG, still no LTE, and none on the horizon either. Meanwhile thirty-three WiMax cities and counting! You people are beyond pathetic.

      Come back tomorrow and see how a real company gets it done, and don't forget to start covering those naked short sales before you boys get too far in the crapper.

    • You must enjoy conversing with yourself because you are the only that has mentioned Verizon or AT&T.

      Happy with the investment? Intel, Google, and Comcast must have been delighted to write down several billion in losses in their CLWR investment.

      And notice how frequently when pumpers lacks tangible financial results to cite, they resort to the worn out mantra "CLWR must be grand because look at the companies that invested". And just look at CLWR Operating Agreement for the sweet deals every one of them cut with CLWR to siphon value out of their investment that public investors will never share.

      Obviously professional money mangers don't buy the non-stop hype because the share price has languished at roughly half the deal price for a year despite all the market launches, the spectrum, and the 4G phone.

      It appears you're not very successful pumping your company.

    • You expect the capex to immediately start producing massive revenue in the year in which it occurred? You're posts and reality are so far apart right now I could sail the titanic through it.

    • It seems when you follow the cock roach droppings the trails all converge on Harbinger Capital.

    • So you admit shilling for Verizon and AT&T? And you're working with that group of idiots naked shorting this equity? Thanks for confirming that. I loved watching you guys selling air today; half a million fake shares in two blocks and you didn't move the stock a nickel. ROTFLMAO! Better cover now. What's the reason you post here exclusively? You won't answer because you're a crook. Your "arguments" are specious at best.

      I'm sure Intel and Goldman Sachs are quite happy with their investment and so are the rest of the institutional investors. Why do you think Clearwire's 94% institutionally owned if they are such a bad investment? The biggest and best companies in the country have no clue according to you, right?

    • I like how this alias and your numerous alter egos love to spout how wimax is an unproven technology and thus very risky. Yet your "just wait til LTE gets here!" links are proving your hypocrisy. Give me a break dude.

      • 1 Reply to divrekku
      • Your characterization of my posts are incorrect. The underlying WiMAX "technology" works for data-centric services under certain conditions.

        What is unproven is CLWR's business model and the use of 2.5GHz spectrum to accomplish the task they are trying to achieve.

        The key differentiator between LTE and WiMAX is not the core technology its the global scale and financial strength of LTE's supporters and ecosystem verus CLWR and other WiMAX startups.

        If you read the full article you will also see the following:

        "There will be a dozen live LTE networks by the end of 2010," said Stephane Teral, Infonetics' principal analyst for mobile and fixed mobile convergence infrastructure, in a statement. "The total number of committed LTE launches has grown to 64 so far with more commitments expected."

        But even if those deployments are delayed it will not materially change the outcome of LTE's global influence. CLWR's CEO knows this which is why he talks-up the possibility of jumping on the LTE bandwagon.