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  • j.douglas_195 j.douglas_195 May 29, 2010 3:57 PM Flag

    HTC EVO Cell Phone

    How will the HTC EVO cell phone run properly? The 4G part of the phone runs on Clearwire's 4G Wimax network.

    Based on the numerous complaints about Clearwire, I would not expect the HTC EVO cell phone to perform properly and at the speeds advertised.

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    • 30 are on order at my local Best Buy. Only 19 are promised from the first shipment. I am getting mine. Also, the video conference software will be free. They have an upgrade that will cost $5/mo and will be announced on Friday.

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      • Videoconferencing is a useful application but users get very annoyed when their image freezes or drops due to network delay, and that can happen on wired connections.

        Under ideal conditions and a fully charged battery EVO users may be able to give it a go but if this experience doesn't prove to be rock solid most users will avoid doing it.

        And for what its worth journalists reviewing EVO have cited image freezes just doing one-way video streaming. Two way video is even more challenging.

    • Yeah right the complaints, that is why COMCAST, TIMEWARNER and other carriers are all buying broadband and 4G Service, speed, WIMAX and other internet net products. Give up shorts the party is over. Clearwire closed up 20 cents after gours on Friday. The Envo First 4G phone comes out this week and it runs on Clearwires networks and Sprint owns the majority of Clearwire 56.8%. Nothing is even priced in to either stocks. Sprint has been up 20% for the month of May and is the largest of % gainers on the S&P 500 For the month. May was the worst month since the 1940's then guess what happened after that they had one of the biggest bull runs of all time will history repeat itself it looks like that but this next bull market will be huge. I think many people will be surprised about this next bull rallies strenght. What is good about this is that both stocks Sprint and Clearwire will grow big time with or without the rally. They are under priced. Then the rumors are growing stronger and stronger everyday that Apple is going to give Sprint the new 4G IPhone with ITABLET This might be announced before the big event Friday of Sprints first 4G phone made by HTC plus they also have a 4 G Tablet due for release this summer. Buy as early as possible Tuesday because they are saying in charts the momentum of both Sprint and Clearwire are showing of very higher movement on Tuesday Good Luck Strong Buy

    • The whole reason I am short S and CLWR is because of my experience with Clear around Christmas..It was worse than dial up...The EVO will be the scapegoat for the shoddy service...

      This is the whole reason why LTE has been put on the back burner by CLWR....It's plan B..