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  • henry.sazy henry.sazy Aug 12, 2010 7:19 PM Flag

    This company is not going anywhere!

    Can someone explain to me how this company would make money out of LTE?!! As soon as LTE is out, all AT&T, Veizon....etc. customers will go with them! Why should they move to CLWR? Why is the stock going down, in spite of all good news on new subscribers, Best Buy deal, move to LTE......etc?

    I have lost too much money on this stock to continue believing their crap!!

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    • all i need is a little bounce and i'm out

    • What you mean is, "I believed what I wanted to believe, I did not read the SEC reports, I did not keep tract of trends, and so I am a dumb fart who spent my money on a sticker symbol that represents the ups and downs of immediate tug and push of open markets".. "Furthermore, I have nobody but my own dumb-axx to blame. Nobody held a gun to my head to read, think, or push the mouse button to order the stock. Any other idiot's post, quarterly conference call, etc. is only partial information. Opinions of web board posts are only fractionally better than the stuff I have to scoop up when I walk my dog.. sometimes worse because I know what I am getting when I bag and dispose of that crapola while posts often disguise true intent and you do not know what comes afterward."

      Yea folks, I Mr. Long/Ms. Short am a grown up and I know its my own money, not the monopoly play money I used as a kid... Yep, I am an idiot who knows about 1/1,000,000th of what there is to possibly know about investing but I feed my ego thinking I will strike it rich one day and I post to dweeb web boards thinking I can stop the pain and push back that recognition."

    • IMO: I do not believe the report about new subscribers. Investors have not fallen for it as well. What is troubling about the company is its deplorable Internet service. An entire website contains complaint after complaint about Clear's Internet service.