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  • mega.hurts mega.hurts Oct 22, 2010 7:29 PM Flag

    Why The CLWR Alliance Is Unraveling

    One would have thought someone that posts here would know better, but maybe not.

    You know that EVO "WiMAX Smartphone". Well the only part of it that's WiMAX is the Internet access. The actual phone part that the customer pays the monthly voice service for is plain old Sprint 3G.

    Even though CLWR has 3-4 times the spectrum of Sprint's 3G network and tons of the latest digital technology, CLWR does not deliver a fee-based mobile voice service and more importantly it does not capture the revenue that mobile voice provides.

    If CLWR was rolling in profit ignoring such a lucrative revenue stream might be understandable but failing to become a full-service provider of smartphone services
    and capture the resulting voice revenue seems awfully shortsighted for a company having to sell assets to stay alive.