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  • blazin.rayz blazin.rayz Dec 2, 2010 10:23 AM Flag

    Don't be shocked

    if clwr closes green today or close to unchanged. No buy-out coming from S or DT, BFD. I hope clwr stays as independent as it can. Also, this doesn't means NO spectrum auction or cash from sprint. We all know that sprint was unhappy about CLWR spending some cash for a NEW IPHONE killer from samsung. So, they get the cash to continue retail ops from private market and S ponies up for expedited network deployment. With VZ joining the 4G club, they only have about 6 months before VZ has a 4G smartphone to compete with S's Epic and EVO. If s wants to take advantage of its 4G roll-out, they better stay ahead of VZ or they will be gobbled cheaply by DT.

    Thusly & finally, i think today's action is more about deal speculators bailing because debt offering makes that scenario much less likely, just assume not have them.

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