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  • dbrewerm dbrewerm Feb 15, 2011 11:27 AM Flag

    Clearwire has several options

    It's interesting that as of their 12/31/2010 filing, Intel hadn't sold any of their position in CLWR. Fidelity on the other hand, had sold some of their position in CLWR as of their 12/31 filing. Wonder if Fidelity is still the one causing the selling pressure? Goldman Sachs filing shows they INCREASED their position as on 12/31 filing. Also very interesting!

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    • ... wall street investment firms come and go, the strategic partner (INTC) hangs in there with their shares.

      That said, I don't think that necessarily reflects optimism on INTC's part toward CLWR or WiMax and this board's chief basher has correctly pointed out that INTC is covering both the LTE and WiMax bases...

      ... but then, that's what you'd expect a chipmaker to do... cover both bases as long as both technologies are viable, and they are, because even Intel can see that WiMax VS LTE is a lot more like CDMA vs GSM than it is like Beta vs VHS, IMO.