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  • mega.hurts mega.hurts Jul 28, 2011 6:59 AM Flag

    Sprint Nextel and LightSquared Announce Spectrum Hosting and Network Services Agreement

    "RESTON, Va. & OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- LightSquared™, the nation’s first wholesale-only integrated 4G-LTE wireless broadband and satellite network, and Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S - News) announced today they have entered into a 15-year agreement that includes spectrum hosting and network services, 4G wholesale, and 3G roaming."

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    • From Sprint's earnings release.

      Finally, the spectrum hosting agreement announced today with LightSquared demonstrates the growth opportunities made possible through Network Vision. Through spectrum hosting, Sprint can offer carriers and wireless providers the opportunity to more cost-effectively serve their customers by operating on Sprint’s nationwide network infrastructure versus building their own network facilities. Network Vision is an innovative approach to network management and utilization that enables products and services that operate across multiple spectrum bands, or airwaves, to operate through a single multi-modal base station and allows Sprint to more efficiently deliver innovative network capabilities today and into the future. Through Network Vision, Sprint can take advantage of new technology, chipsets and CDMA, CDMA-WiMax and CDMA-LTE devices that operate in any of the 800 MHz and 1.9 GHz bands operated by Sprint, along with the 2.5 GHz band operated by Clearwire that offers WiMax 4G service and LightSquared’s 1.6 GHz spectrum that will offer 4G LTE service. Through the implementation of Network Vision, Sprint expects to improve its cost structure through lower roaming expenses, backhaul savings and economies of scale and provide added flexibility in how Sprint meets data and voice capacity demands in the future.

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      • do you think that long term contract was because of possible future/ near future price increase for Spectrum space, or just Light Squared trying to make a name for itself, I remember it was noted in the past that L.S. had some issues with the GPS systems with the SPs, short term problem or lingering, is this the beginning sign that S may deviate from CLWR or keep them due to their significant investment, and likely becoming a competitor against S with their net services?

    • hey west coast I saw that article this morning, i was wondering why they would prefer Light squared of CLWR when S has a significant investment there, was it savings, or something else, do you think this is a sign that S will be deviating away from CLWR, I was under a presumtion that they might have acquired CLWR for their 4G capabilities, I was wondering does Metro PCS use Light Squared ? Not trying to start any take over talks here, but try to see the significance. Serious replies please.

      Semper Fi,