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  • warrenwinston51 warrenwinston51 Oct 10, 2011 2:42 AM Flag

    My Humble Advice

    I've been following several of these message boards over the past few months, but this one is so colorful that I cannot hold my tongue any longer.

    First, to those of you who are actual investors: I implore you to ignore the various posts on here that express extreme sentiments, are rife with grammatical errors, or end with Hahaha or Lol. Anything that seems like it was written on MySpace is not worth your time to give any credence to, as it betrays a lack of both intelligence and thoughtfulness.

    Now, onto Clearwire. Even the most conservative form of investing in publicly traded stocks carries inherent risk. You are, in essence, still gambling. However, speculation is where the red flag gets hoisted up nice and high. That is what has been happening in these posts for several months, and the problem with speculation is that it makes it all the more easy to freak out if something goes slightly awry. Hence the steep drop on Friday. Now, I do recall that this is very similar to the plunge Clearwire took in late July/early August. Many investors have cat-length memories. I thought it was oversold then, and I think it is once again oversold now. There remains risk, to be sure, which is why one should never, ever invest more than he or she is willing to lose. However, since Clearwire does certainly possess a valuable and viable product and will not in all likelihood file for bankruptcy any time soon (which is the same degree of frantic speculation as Clearwire being bought "any day now" a month ago, just the other side of the coin), I believe this represents a fair entry point to purchase stock in a company that's not on solid ground but should probably be trading higher than it is.

    Just wanted to share my sentiments with the board; I won't be entering into any discussions here but I leave you with this: use your head, use your gut, and do your homework. Don't put any more than a bit of faith into what you hear from others.


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