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  • nivegulu nivegulu Nov 1, 2011 2:48 PM Flag

    66% Of Smartphone & Tablets Carried By Wi-Fi

    But then there is the possibility of receiving TV channels on your phone by mistake if you're surfing for something else. The quality of service will suffer due to "borderline interference (wave resonance theory)". White space just does'nt seem practical.

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    • Broadcasters use the ATSC standard for HDTV so its highly unlikely anyone with a White Space device is going to see a TV signal. And since nearly all spectrum below 2GHz is being used and not interfering with each other its clear hardware designers know how to mitigate adjacent channel interference.

      While GPS hardware designers appear to have missed that memo, everyone else seems to be following the rules.

      And FYI, even though the U.S. 2.4GHz ISM band is said to have 11 channels only three of those are non-overlapping. Despite this the 2.4GHz ISM band remains highly productive.