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  • scotttb scotttb Dec 5, 2011 5:25 PM Flag

    Moving right along...

    Glad to see the filing. No time being wasted.

    I don't see the dilution as a negative. It's not new news in the least.

    Its a positive, they're not wasting time and can get this wrapped up and the buildout started.

    Silly to think otherwise. I'll be adding if there's weakness caused by this news.

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    • Well there you go.

      Positively positive.

      Next will be the PCS deal and vendor financing. More positives coming soon....

    • touche'...the WIMAX to LTE program is getting legs...

      Its a positive, they're not wasting time and can get this wrapped up and the buildout started.

    • And put a cherry on top. That's right!

    • The 300 mln and Sprint's balancing participation is just part of a a first stage TD-LTE development.

      Clearwire's stage 1 TD-LTE leaves questions whether this will get the company to the level where the tide of expansion band usage increases prospects for partnering, raising wholesale BB rates/cost, and results in positive cash flows that sustain long term growth. The company has not performed up to plan with WiMAX and has lost cable partners and disaffected Sprint, I think of necessity, but also failed to come up with an alternative tact to liberate their business model.

      Clearwire has not executed well enough to give strong confidence in their current plan so it remains a proof point.

      The stage 1 financing without innovation in the networks and device approach to adoption may result in reaching a crest in the wave of TD-LTE growth that lifts Clearwire. However, there is little confidence of that expressed by most financial analysts. There is not assurance that Clearwire will not require stage 2, 3 or 4 financing before they reach a glide path in business development. Thus far, there are no indications of what Clearwire will accomplish with partners, direct retail with cost containment, or other aspects of how TD-LTE might unfold along conventional (old fart) lines of development.

    • Thanks for the best post I've read all day.

      So if they sell 300m worth and S kicks in the matching 300m they get the 600m they've said they needed all along to build out the LTE overlay. And if they get 300m in vendor fianacing they'll have the additional needed to cover operating costs.

      Looks like the stated business plan in action.

    • tell that to the longs dumping AH