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  • indano indano Dec 20, 2011 7:59 AM Flag

    APPL buys T-Mo GOOG Buys S+CLWR

    Holy disruption batman. T & VZ penquin and joker.
    S+CLWR own batcave. Giant S illuminates night sky.
    MSFT says wtf - we're stuck with NOK?
    Boom bam bifff... Network Vision is real.
    With a few $B nationwide mobile broadband becomes a reality. No spectrum shortage. CLWR has fat pipe.
    Apple and Google are being stifled by network providers. Only S+CLWR offer any semblance of openness. Apple and Google will wage wireless broadband war of epic proportion. Let the best OS win! Let the best master plan prevail.
    My bet is on Network Vision using GOOG + MOTO + SAMSUNG

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