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  • dunnonuthin1 dunnonuthin1 Feb 11, 2012 6:42 PM Flag

    Europe Turning Away From 2.6GHz

    >>Now operators have done their trials for LTE at 2.6Ghz they have realised that for macro networks, this is not a good frequency.

    Guys, I was posting on this two years ago on the S board.

    Europe is pinning new hope on 1.8GHz as the better compromise between coverage and capacity.

    L2's 1.5GHz is incredibly precious.

    This is a must for opening up rural America to the broadband world.

    And the urban dead spots without resorting to expensive higher order solutions to try to reinvent the wheel.

    Yes, one day cars might not have wheels, but not anytime soon.

    That's essentially the argument against 2.5/2.6 GHz nevermind MIMO, beam forming, et cetera, ad nauseam.

    The FCC knows it.

    Do you?

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    • ... history's best investors typically held a stock? How long do you think they typically thought it would take for a good, contrarian investment to bear fruit?

      After Warren Buffett made his call that the market was horribly over-valued in 1998 (about the same time as Greenspan uttered his famous "irrational exhuberance" term) I would imagine that you were a perfect example of the kind of casual investment observer that berated him when he proceeded to be dead wrong in 1999...

      ... and then kept your idiot trap shut about it in 2001.

      Not only are you a "herd" investor, you are also one with a "trader" mentality. I made my first foray into Clearwire about 16 months ago and picked up my last traunche just a few months ago. To me, that's a short-term holding... to you, that's an eternity.

      You won't BE here when I cash out of Clearwire 2 to 5 years from now...

      ... then again, maybe you will be because your hatred for your former employer is systemic... you'll be taking it to your grave.


    • Mega.hurts is another poster who claims to make perfect trades. No disclosure of position so is never wrong even though he is probably an investment advisor and should disclose.


    • 8 stars.

    • You would agree however that as data usage is exploding, a mix of lower and higher frequency use by the carriers will be benificial...right?


    • "The fact that higher frequency bands cannot be used as 'fully mobile' networks when deployed as macrocell only architectures should have been understood from before anyone bought or shorted this stock."

      Those with meaningful wireless depth did know this and shorted the heck out of CLWR from the getgo. However, newbies were mislead because there were people on this board for several years saying how WiMAX, MIMO, and AAS were going to make this Near-Line-Of-Sight spectrum ideal for mobile services and crush the borg monopolists.

    • Maybe they do have an agreement with other carriers as an inter-carrier roaming.

    • "Darn, why don't these guys act like the 'Switzerland of Broadband' and work with 'all the above' operators.. yea, even long shot pipe dreams like LightSquared. After all, voice should know no boundaries."

    • Yes. Clearwire could offer VoLTE by themselves but that would be illusory.. without being part of other operator's mobile service it does not have fully mobile coverage and won't sell in Peoria.

    • I might think a vendor finance deal could be mentioned this week in the CC.


    • Pay attention. The previous poster wrote

      "CLWR has never ever put it's Spectrum officially up for sale"

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