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  • willyboy541 willyboy541 Feb 28, 2012 2:07 PM Flag

    Desperatly Seeking Spectrum

    How is that you (S) cannot find happiness in your partner (Clwr) who holds more spectrum than anyone out there. 160 mhz of soon to be the desired LTE, at least most of it any way. Meanwhile, the Wimax service is doing just fine for now, right Hope? You think nobody wants to do business with Clwr, why does PCS pps explode after S changes its mind?

    S has given me the impression that they are good at two things, 1) wasting money and 2) now not taking advantage of opportunities. How did that $35 billion Nextel work out? Search "Sprint Nextel Merger Disaster" and it shows up as an example on Investopedia of Biggest Disasters! haha. Lightsquared? I just pray that nobody dies over that debacle! $8 billion for a few million customers and a a relatively small amount of spectrum compared to your partners holding. Seriously??? How many Chinese customers did Hope speak of today? Now that's an investment!!!

    Remember when we were scared of S's grip on us? I am no longer scared as it seems that S is that one that is choking.

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