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  • swedeknocks swedeknocks May 2, 2012 1:55 PM Flag

    Apple and CLWR - direct to consumers

    This has to be great for CLWR: "Apple has all of the pieces necessary to offer wireless service directly to customers."

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    • Great read

    • "That Apple is interested in running a cellular network comes from an interesting source. Tony Fadel holds an Apple patent where he conjures up a virtual cellular network that uses excess cellular capacity that can be purchased for chump change from the existing cellular networks and then resold through the iTunes store. Buying and renaming Sprint "Apple Cellular" is a much better idea."


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      • llong54 May 2, 2012 11:21 PM Flag

        Apple is motivated and qualified to buy Clearwire or both CLWR and S
        My opinion is extrapolated the following:

        Apple's use of Gobi
        Apple began using Qualcomm's Gobi mobile chips with the launch of iPhone 4 on Verizon, which expanded the availability of the iPhone to Verizon's CDMA network without taking advantage of the chip's ability to also work on UMTS networks.

        Not until the release of iPhone 4S last quarter did Apple take full advantage of the universal network support of Qualcomm offered. Using Gobi chips, the same iPhone 4S design can be used on either network (although carriers do not necessarily support moving a locked iPhone 4S from one carrier type to another).

        For iPad 2, Apple produced two 3G versions, one for AT&T using the same Infineon X-Gold 618 baseband used by the GSM iPhone 4, and a second for Verizon using the Qualcomm Gobi, although like the Verizon iPhone 4, it can't be used on GSM/UMTS networks.

        iPad 3 is expected to shift Apple exclusively to Gobi baseband chips, enabling a universal "3G" model that works across any provider. However, it is also expected to adopt 4G LTE features, and Qualcomm's latest MDM9xxx line would allow for a single model that could be supported by any carrier, including China's TD-LTE.

        Apple and LTE

        Last April, Apple's chief executive Tim Cook explained that "the first generation of LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises with the handset, and some of those we are just not willing to make." Despite lacking LTE support, Apple's iPhone 4 and 4S led sales of smartphones last year, even among carriers like Verizon who strongly pushed LTE adoption.

        Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple would produce an LTE iPad 3 model for sale by both AT&T and Verizon.

        Following the coevolution of the iPhone and iPad, the next iPhone model is very likely to follow in the same direction of iPad 3, using Qualcomm's Gobi chips to provide universal access to both faster LTE networks and gain expanded entry into China, leveraging TD-LTE to open access to the world's largest carrier, China Mobile."

        Teamrep you know that Apple is desperate to access china mobile 600+m greenfield subscriber base and logistically buying CLWR or CLWR/S will be the foundation that future Apple growth opportunities are built on.

        Failure to exploit such a strategically critical resource and not at securing it from competitors (Google/Microsoft) is akin to when Coke turned down the opportunity to buy Pepsi (we know what happened there)

        So... here is Apple sitting on a pile of cash looking for growth opportunities and here is CLRW suffering from financially restricted growth that's keeping it from realizing valuable spectrums’ potential.

        Right time, right place, need, market demand...cosmic alignment (whatever)

        Apple being the 1000 lb gorilla could possibly forge alliances that deploy/overlay CLWR spectrum on top of all wireless carrier sites/pops--not just (CLWR/S) and if necessary has the financial wherewithal for complete build out (better for carriers to do alliances)

        And then there’s the I-TV, along with apple as the world phone (Gobi multi standard chip)

        Finally, it is likely that the Apple community will view this as intrinsically necessary to the fulfillment of Steve Jobs Legacy/Vision Destiny (last wish) (intangible)


    • An Apple Net would include phones, pads, pods, computers and TV's. Tiered plans for streaming content and amounts of giga bytes used offset with numbers of ads and pay per view choices. It's a national network, cable, satellite, Netflix and phone service all rolled into one. CLWR's spectrum could make that happen.

    • wimaxjunkie May 2, 2012 5:04 PM Flag

      i would think Apple's interest in CLWR would have more to do with IP-TV. seems Jobs was very keen on bringing a new TV experience to the masses. to fully realize his dream, Apple needs a full-fledged IP-TV network, something only CLWR can offer.

    • This board is riff with speculation. Apple has a patent that joins the hundreds for doing switching between networks and call/data transfers that make best-available and lowest cost routing.

      Reflecting on this board inn general, what has attracted the many posts about Apple entering the market as a carrier?... absurd. Yes, they could acquire T-Mobile, Apple has the financial muscle to do that. However, these guys are not where they are by pursuing sideline, conflicting turf battles... the notion that Apple needs to acquire an operator or the spectrum to set up their own service is batty.

      The most likely scenarios are for Apple to continue along the lines of development that brought them this far: devices tied into the triumvirate of software, apps and content services. Their movement to coalesce video services and push into cloud SAAS areas fit their mode of operation while not upsetting the apple carts of the operators that are vital to delivery to the market.

      What is it with this stock? Just because they must bore down on building out a network and that isn't so exciting for now ... brings out all the little mofos out from the dung heaps.

    • .....

    • Apple's future product saturation / refresh cycles / sales will be limited only by the speed and depth of the wireless carriers. The sky will be the limit if they buy clear and continue to build out / complete clear's 4G TD-LTE, and deploy it's full 160 MHz spectrum. Makes sense to me.