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  • kcbigbucks kcbigbucks May 12, 2012 12:42 AM Flag

    What are we hoping for?

    I really don't think there is any shortage of spectrum. The big guy's (Stephenson) is just a big cry baby who didn't get his way. AT&T is always trying to make sure there is no competition so they can own the market. If spectrum is so scarce why do they give free mobile to mobile calls? It seems to make more since to have free calls to landlines that way two people aren't on cell phones using those precious airwaves. Also if spectrum is in such shortage why is the big V selling spectrum? These two companies are just wanting the good stuff and leave everybody else with the crappy stuff. I really hope Clearwire gets their LTE service up and running so I can buy from them and kiss AT&T and Verizon goodbye. I rarely travel outside my metro area anyway so nationwide coverage is really irrelevant and if I start to travel that much hopefully by then they will have a bigger area covered. Freedom Pop is kick but because I will be able to let my kids have to the old iphone and they will still be able to use voip and texting with the free internet and all the free wifi spots.

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    • Voice calls and messaging are not the bottlenecks. They use low bandwidth but need consistency. Broadband traffic puts more demands on the network and can result in high data density signaling constraints and back-haul bottlenecks. As overall network capacity has grown, voice and messaging have become the part of the overall package with the least constraints... thus unlimited plans have become popular while data caps remain imposed for most operators.

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      • “Broadband traffic puts more demands on the network and can result in high data density signaling constraints and back-haul bottlenecks.”

        As data capacity increases and gets quickly filled while saturating its underlined network there are tools that operators can use to create high consistency even in the most congested network. I would imagine voice and messaging will be the first candidate to exploit some of these tools.

        One of the advantages of a packet based IP network is the ability to prioritize each packets differently through a QoS scheme (quality-of-service 802.11D and 802.11P).

        Furthermore, it is expected that as mobile traffic gets worsen from congestion the industry will soon introduce an 802.11Q (virtual channels based on traffic characterizations and behaviors) in addition to QoS which will be far more superior than QoS alone. These measures can be applied end-to-end from UE (handsets) to Backhauls and into the operator's core network through "packet tagging".

    • Of. Ourselves there's a shortage...why Doyle think AT&T and VZ don't offer unlimited, and have tiered pricing?

      Aren't you aware that in some areas service actually slows down.

      Business implement countermeasures before the cripple the business...that's why they are trying to buy all the spectrum they can get their hands on...before they are forced to use CLWR and pay wholesale.

      Would 't you do the same thing.

      Data consumption is growing at 80% CAGR...that is ginanric...and there is not a short term technology solution.