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  • antadvise antadvise Jun 19, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

    Geez the shorts are incredibly desperate today.

    Like i said say what you want... Money talks . The only nerves being struck here are yours seeing as you had to copy ubanks id and "he he"

    u mad breh?

    i would be too if i was invested in clwr hahahahha

    ha ha ( he he )

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    • why are you in all caps? haha getting frustrated?, hope you don't have all your gains in options right now. ;D

    • who said i own any shares? who says im not shorting? i just enjoy reading the pathetic postings on both sides of the isle. pump, bash, pump, bash. it doesn't seem like a great way to make a living but it's your career choice - not mine. do you really think anyone pays attention to the dribble that is posted here? long, short - it doesn't matter. the only ones makeing money here are the people truely behind the scenes. they are the driving force here, not the paid posters such as yourself. you are just part of the machine and not even an important one at that. go take a midol and get back to work. btw - who's ubank?

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      • Just for the record, I don't get paid to post what I post so you can keep assuming all you want. I know your long, don't play a fool... I just find it sad that you (assume) I get paid to do this but you spend your (free) time responding? Who's the real clown here? Don't be a hypocrite, take your own advice...

        If I save ONE person money, well I'll be happy about that... I don't really care who listens or not, I'm making a ton of money watching an account skyrocket lately and hoping it continues... You? Look in the mirror buddy.