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  • jmaxsimon jmaxsimon Aug 10, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    please read this and comment

    The real deal, the new iphone etc. 10-Aug-12 12:00 pm
    There is already an LTE ipad. It comes with a worthless 2 gb plan at Verizon. That is less than half a movie. Basically apple has succeeded in clogging Verizon and ATTs network with their data hungry devices and the T and V have responded by charging apple and the consumer for content.
    The only reason apple is making the screen bigger on the iphone is because they need a bigger battery anyway. The only reason the need a bigger battery is so it can support LTE.
    The only way the droid phones compete with apple is by price and by transforming themselves into a a hotspot.
    if sprint offers that people will change.
    All the people that didn't upgrade to the 4s, the people that have the 4, (remember that the contract for the 4's was not up when the 4s came out) all those iphone 4 contracts are up, and when they come out with the 5, which is going to be much better all those people are due for an upgrade.
    That is how this is going to go down. All the people with verizon 4s will move enmass to sprint.
    I am with ATT and if they do away with my unlimited data plan I am switching, if sprint lets me use my iphone for a hotspot I am switching, I am a mac user, if I get something better from apple regarding the cloud, I am switching. I am probably going to switch anyway because the data does not work in major cities.
    If V and T want to be competitive, and they do, they will have to make a wholesale data deal with someone and that someone will likely be clwr.
    Sprint made a deal to sell 30.5 million iphones (or other apple devices?) in the next 4 years (deal was made in september of last year.)

    You can be sure that they knew something you didn't.
    Next thing. Apple TV. If you know what that is you can see the future.
    Next thing that is possible is directtv. They want new ways of delivering content, particularly their blockbuster (competes with netflix) content.
    Apple is going after google with Siri, siri is a better search engine. Apple is no going to have a much better map program as well.
    Anyone who thinks for a minute that apple is not going to drive this market is a jackass and should stick to stocks that offer 5% returns.
    What does apple want?

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    • Part 2

      They want to sell devices, but they realize that is not where the future lies, it turns out that people skip upgrades, an ipod of five years ago is just about as good today as it was then. They are now for the first time iphone sales are slowing down.
      They are going to take the iphone to China, for one last hurrah, and also to get their content reading devices into as many hands as possible.
      Apple wants you on itunes for the long haul, apple wants that cable TV money. Check out an apple TV if you don't believe me.
      Apple also wants to change computing from a product into a service. Enter iCloud. Apple wants to hold your data for you (hostage) and have you pay a fee for it's storage and retrieval. You need to be able to get it and to sync anywhere and the only way you are going to get that is via wireless and if T and V don't do it, someone needs to.
      Who will that someone be?
      It will be better than you can imagine.
      Remember lightsquared? The satellite data component? Ok so there are satellites with bandwidths that don't interfere with GPS. Like dish and directTV. There are also satalite internet providers.

      So, this is the deal that is being worked out.
      There is not going to be a buyout. There are going to be some very strategic partnerships.
      The price of the stock today doesn't matter, unless you are day trading.
      In 2016 it is very hard to imagine a case where this stock is not worth 20$-60$.
      The deals the make with apple or directv, or Sprint will not prevent them from making deals with other content, data and voice providers.
      The other companies won't have any choice if they want to compete.
      If you believe this, or a modified version of this reality you should stay long.
      If you doubt it try shorting it and see what happens.
      Oh yeah, and the partner will be Viasat. And if you don't think our board knows everyone in this game think again, they all know each other.
      And the regulations? The FCC? We got that taken care of as well.
      Hold this stock till 20$ before you think about selling. Don't try to trade it as you will get burnt.
      I am long. All this is pure speculation, but keep in mind that Sprint would'nt have made the deal for 30.5 million iphone sales (that is one for every 10 americans, this is excluding what they would be selling for other brands....) if they didn't know something you don't.
      The only reason the company is so silent is because they have to be.
      They only reason you are not seeing insider buying is because if they buy now, they go to jail later.