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  • calibremagic calibremagic Sep 18, 2012 2:56 AM Flag

    we are stoopid longs, TWC and comcast departure was the tallest tall tale sign

    I fell for this #$%$ myself thinking it was just a blip.

    but that truly was the tall tale sign to run for the exits or start a short position.

    u run for the exits when a fellow stake holders junks their stake in a company with a asset that is supposedly in high demand.

    something is fishy IMO

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    • TWC is getting a huge write off by selling now . There is more to it then we know. They might be required to sell because of Verizon deal. Also to be honest with the number of hotspots they are adding in each city do you really need cell service? Wifi could end up being the next big thing as I know I look to see if the places I visit have free wifi. There are numerous ways if Clear gets one boost on taking care of the debt this stock will be off to the races and that is the big question we are all gambling on.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Naturally, no longs or pumpers would dare respond to your assertion here; but, what you illustrate is true. No one wants to take a loss, especially one on the $478 mil level. Yet, when TWC sees there best bet is to unload shares at the $1.50 level - this is a bad sign. The days of $1.80 in this stock are over. We will see $1.00 before we see $1.80 again.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell