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  • jsklein1000 jsklein1000 Oct 20, 2012 11:43 AM Flag

    If the Court requires BOD action, SB buys CLWR next week, imo

    If the Court requires the CLWR BOD to protect shareholders and dilute Sprint to less than 50%..I would expect a bid by S/SB to acquire CLWR prior to or on 10/25/12.

    Sprint played a key card too early.

    If Sprint did not want to acquire CLWR, they would have kept quiet and let CLWR continue to run, especially in that it helps their own balance sheet. But, they want CLWR shares kept low...why?

    Hope went quiet for a reason..."page two" will be read soon.

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    • Possible court action next little while.

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    • Now I'm reminded why I try not to look at this board over the weekend. What a complete waste of time this entire thread is. Since no one reads the filings at least read the articles.

      Sprint hasn't taken control. Sprint isn't going to consolidate their financials and be liable for Clearwire debt. They are preparing for a buyout down the road, but aren't going to pay too much for shares right now. The Clearwire board has no say, or reason to take action just because one equityholder sells to another. 7 of the 13 board members are Sprints which hasn't changed and won't change.

      I think I got 9 thumbs up on one of my posts - now I wonder if it was equally off base.

    • Just what court action are we talking about here??

    • Sprint’s action only suggests that they are freezing Clearwire from others of going after it.

      It’s ridiculous to think that the court would decide whether a company will be allowed to acquire more than 50% ownership because it may hurt existing shareholders. This is Corporate America we’re talking about, not China!

      No one is obligated to buy anything, especially SB. So let’s not pretend otherwise and believing in fairy tales.

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      • Won't work. Sprint's cheap #$%$ could barely scrape up $100M. T or VZ or Dish comes in, they have $$$$$, shares you name it, they can easily pick up near 50% and buy the rest in the open market. S is then left with nothing but spectrum agreements.

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      • are "almost' correct.

        The Court will have no issue with McCaw or with Sprint. The issue, and a good cause legal one at that, will be with the CLWR Board of Directors.

        A hearing will cause the intentions of Sprint to be known AND will require the response from the CLWR Board of Directors to provide a reason to allow the company to lose more than 50% of its stock. The "back room" dealing will be made public and will be under oath....and the Court will want to know why CLWR BOD did not act to vigorously protect the company.

        Sprint took 50.8%...not 70-80%, so, there is an issue here that we need to know about as shareholders. SEC filings require investors who take more than a 5% ownership stake to declare intentions...Sprint will obviously need to update theirs, hopefully in a loud and clear manner.

        If the loss of control allows Sprint to stifle competition AND prohibit CLWR from selling assets, the BOD can absolutely be held accountable for a failure to protect the company and the assets.

        Btw, the McCaw deal has not closed and we will all get to hear the story behind the deal. Long or short..."page two" will be read in a public forum, imo.

        Bottom line...the market trades on the future. If S is heard to be actively planning a takeover of CLWR, the shares go up...not down. Intel and Comcast know this as well...they won't sell for less than 10 dollars, imo

    • Problem is someone is knocking at their door. Sprint was forced into this and it appears no one was willing to throw them the bone except McCaw.

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      • I don't blame Sprint..they are doing the right thing for their shareholders.

        It is the CLWR BOD that will have some explaining to do to the Court. The BOD has a fidutiary responsibility to protect the shareholders as well as the assets of the company.

        Sprint is stealing this company...Hesse is doing nothing wrong and is probably laughing hysterically at the lack of BOD action at CLWR.

        However, if the Courts determine that the BOD at CLWR failed to act,I would expect that CLWR will spike quickly as the intentions of Sprint are well known, and, clwr will threaten a "poison pill" of sorts to dilute S back down below 50%.

        With S intentions known as well as the analysts speculating on the reasons...competitors to S will rush in to take control...perhaps in an effort to break the S/SB deal by blocking a potential CLWR acquisition by S/SB.

        Whether S acknowledges it or not, people close to the deal have said (off the record) that S needs CLWR. Without clwr...does SB get a little bit nervous and take CLWR sooner rather than later?

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