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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 31, 2012 7:03 PM Flag

    Many People I Know Are Preparing for a 2nd Obama Term


    They're buying Gold... they're buying Treasuries... a couple are even considering ex-patriation as Facebook's Edwardo Saverin did when he fled to Singapore... or Apple's Steve Wozniak and his ex-patriation to New Zealand.

    On the mutual fund side, assets have been leaving "domestic stock" mutual funds for quite awhile now as bond funds or "emerging markets" funds are accumulating substantial assets.

    Meanwhile, corporations are sitting on record levels of cash... especially at overseas subsidiaries where they're avoiding America's highest-in-the-world corporate tax by keeping it out of the U.S.

    I've never SEEN "capital flight" of this magnitude in the U.S. I've seen it in other countries that lurched toward socialism over the decades... like Cuba or Venezuela... but I never thought it could happen HERE. Every day, Mr. Obama talks about how he's going to jack up taxes on those with investment capital (eg: the wealthy) and everyday we see signs that they are leaving "productive" investments to protect their capital from Mr. Obama's threats. The top 1% of american earners already provide 38% of all U.S. tax revenues that come from individual income taxes... and projections are that upwards of 45% of them would come from the top 1% if Mr. Obama achieves his taxation goals.

    Right now, the U.S. is conducting the most MASSIVE, "fiscal" stimulus in history... eg: $1.2 trillion in deficit spending. We are also conducting the most massive "MONETARY" stimulus ever... with 0% fed-funds interest rate and the over-heating printing presses of QE3...

    ... yet our economy is only growing at barely 2% GDP... when in the past, such huge amounts of stimulus would have our economy smoking along at 8 or 9% growth!

    The reason: No amount of stimulus can overcome the immense power of "capital flight" to completely neutralize a capitalist system such as ours.

    It's what happened in almost every country throughout history that was run by an "anti-capitalism" leader like Mr. Obama.....

    .... whoever thought it could happen HERE!

    All I can say is... next tuesday, I hope you'll all go to the polls and vote... not for yourself... but for the America that our Children will live in.


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    • 25 Thumps Up, and 20 Thumps Down. I guess Romney is leading in 5 points in Clwr Message's Board. LOL

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      • In my lead post above, I was talking about a long-term trend that is a gathering stampede of capital flight in the U.S...

        ... but today's reality of yesterday's election has definately accelerated that trend. All across america, business is either sitting on it's investment capital... or storing it overseas while Obama prepares for another 4 years of anti-business, anti-capitalism, hate-the-rich class warfare.

        "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"...

        ... it may have been Karl Marx's most famous slogan... but it's clearly a full-blown action item for our Commander in Chief.


    • delbuono4 Nov 5, 2012 4:20 PM Flag

      If an idividual or a company can make money by being an Am Company within our outside our borders then they should PAY for the economic freedom and life-style found in America. Our founding fathers put life and life-savings on the line and now "Americans" do all they can to avoid paying their fair share. If there is disagreement on the spending then run for office or support a system for change. Capitalists-- no wonder they push people to the other side!

    • For my entire life, I've watched as governments in economies around the world have created government-centric socialist systems and seen their living standards decline...

      ... and I've watched as countries that increasingly embrace capitalism and empower the private sector by not punishing investment capital... SUCCEED in raising their living standards.

      You can argue dozens of individual policies all you want to, but in the end, Obama is someone who prefers to punish wealth and the private sector and GROW government control of industry and commerce and Romney is someone who want's to shrink government and empower capital deployment and the private sector. Throughout history, Romney's approach has been the approach that builds economic wealth and prosperity.

      I also like Romney's proven success with the first Olympics in history to ever end up in the black... and his willingness to work well with the democratic legislature in Mass... and his history at Bain of taking money-losing, deeply indebted companies (like the U.S. is NOW) and reorganize them to be viable entities.

      His credentials as a leader are arguably stronger than any presidential candidate in my lifetime.

      Appreciate your comments, kindaguy, and your informative portrayal of your political bias.


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      • My political bias is no stronger than your Spok. The difference between us is; that I don't believe in pure capitalism. There are no pure "isms" as I've mentioned before. Your attitude is to let the poor, elderly, young and the ill to compensate further for what they don't have rather than ask for more from those who do have. I believe Obama's thoughts of raising capital gains applies only to those making over a certain amount of annual income.... like 250,000 a year. In contrast, you and mitt romney would like to eliminate capital gains entirely which will result in Mitt paying 0% in fed obligations. I think as a people in a 1st tier country can do better that what Romney wants for his 1%. And returning to the 50's with church attitudes towards about a woman's choice which obviously affect men too is outrageous. For someone in the 22nd Century who wants to have pleasure sex challenged by the government... to me that is fascism not capitalism.

        Women's rights to their bodies has been decided. Now this election wants to turn that over give the power to the church and the pinhead tea bagers so you don't have to pay a higher percentage of your gain. Great... It's all about the money. #$%$ humanity. Sorry Spok. I can't get behind throwing anyone under the train for additional gain. I will not stand by and watch children be hungry or die without medical attention.

        This is more than a topic about the money Spok. It's a story about how the strongest, wealthies and most powerful country on earth treats the poor, the hungry and the uneducated. As a country we are in it together and no arbitrary assignment of "socialism" will change an idea that america is more than one thing. It is more than a democracy; more than capitalism, some socialism, and a hell of a lot of greed and dishonesty. It is the greed and dishonesty that makes half this nation want to go further not fall behind. A strong country don't have 2 sets of people... one belonging to country clubs and the others in shelters and food kitchens.

        Maybe if you knew someone who needed stem cell research as there are millions of us who do, you'd find that social needs are an important ingredient to a successful economy for the whole of society not just the ruling class.

        Best to you in your investments.


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    • I respect your financial posts Spok and the quality or your observations; but not on this issue.
      What do we have to look forward to from a 2nd Obama Administration?

      1. Women continue to decide on their own medical health not a political mandate
      2. Those approaching getting Medicare will get it instead of a voucher which is worth much less
      3. Kids wanting to go to school do not have to be concerned about the Pell Grants being reduced
      4. People on Medicare will keep it
      5. There will be less people begging in the streets as assistance programs continue to feed the
      47% which mostly is comprised of the working poor, children, the military and the retired
      6. As a result of less people being on the streets; there will be more confidence rather than the
      obvious perception of economic failure when grandma is on the street corner begging for food.
      7. With unemployment dipping below the 8% mark clearly shows recovery from the previous Bush
      administration who created the mess in the first place by the puppeteer Carl Rove who is on of
      Romney's primary strategists. Want more Bush? Vote for Romney... it's the same groups
      who backed George W. but with an edge.
      8. The Edge Being that all Congressmen on the Republican Right sign an OATH to
      to Grover Northquist as a higher obligation than to the American People Which has resulted
      in the biggest and longest Filibuster by the Tea Party Influenced Republican Party in History.
      9. People will still be able to have pleasure sex without concern that their contraception will be
      be taken away as the Religious Right push for "Personhood" which is the establishment of
      human rights at the time of conception.... reversing roe vs. wade and resulting in more
      unwanted pregnancies.
      10. Science will continue to have money for research. Stem Cell research to resolve Cancer, MS
      Parkensons, Alzheimers and other diseases will continue and progress because SCIENCE
      NOT RELIGION makes room for FACTS that change our lives and the lives of people we love.
      11. Evolution Will not be downgraded and made insignificant by those who think the world is
      6000 years old. It will remain a concept based on facts determined by scientists over
      thousands of years to the point we have escaped the gravity of the planet but not the subject.
      12. America will move away from the right and move back to the center which represents most
      of it's citizens not just the fringe element.

      Good Luck to Us. US being the United States of America

      I will not vote for an empty suit who seems to be whatever his audience wants him to be... changing opinion from market target to market target. I will not vote for someone who can not or will not explain why he has accounts in the Cayman Islands and in Swiss Accounts while providing NO REAL INFORMATION ABOUT HIS FUTURE PLANS FOR AMERICA. "Trust Me" is NOT enough. Bain Capital is a venture capital company and through it; Romney turned companies into parts eliminating full time jobs and replacing them with part time jobs that weren't sent overseas.

      I look forward not only the to continued upturn of the american economy; I look forward to not losing in a brief moment after the huge blunder of the worst president in american history George W
      (Great Work Brownie!) with more of the same where George's appointments to the Supreme Court allowed for Democracy to be Bought by Capitalism. This is not what the founders of this nation wanted nor do I. When unlimited money gets exchanged by the largest lobbyists for OIL, MONSANTO and others who have politicians in their pockets because they can be bought outright;
      then American is Not a Democracy It's pure Capitalism which denies the voice of the people because money buys airtime and airtime is filled with lies and propaganda. As a result the American people lose, Society loses ... we all lose.

      Corporations are not people. While there are many good ones... there are many bad ones. Which ones have you heard of taking a major role in the recovery of Sandy? Romney stated and recorded his desire for FEMA to become a Private Sector Entity. How Would New Jersey and New York do
      with that?

      We are the people of the United States of America.
      One way or another this nation will go on regardless of which party wins;
      but when you talk about the future of our children consider these other things
      as well as the argument as to how to best balance the budget and who is equipped to do so.

      I will never vote for a president based on faith
      I will vote for a president who says what he stands for; and certainly not for one who refuses to take an exact stance with the transparency that shows that what he's going to do will take the country forward and it climbs out of this hole... not someone who says to hell with science and facts..... the dinosaurs and humanity coexisted just like on the Flinstones. The problem is we need people who are Science Oriented to oversee our technology and how we use it. I would not give a loaded gun to a four year old; nor nuclear weapons to those who embrace the Rapture.

      Once again. Good Luck To The US
      as the US is us.


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    • The simple truth of the matter…other countries are getting in the game with cheap labor and educated people. I am all for making money, but in an ever growing world the American people (government) has let us down. The people in power are trading our (America) future for their own personal wealth. Corruption from the highest levels. Not knowing where the money is coming from(super packs), that has put and keeping people in power is not a good thing.
      America, ripe for the picking.

    • While the WSJ was citing the urgency of selling out before the expected jump in capital gains taxes in a 2nd Obama term, it also has a lot to do with being fed up with the immense complexities of running a payroll and dealing with government regulators and licensors.

      Look at the fact that 60% of Americans surveyed don't realize that an employer pays taxes for the priviledge of employing people other than passing along what he withholds.

      Very few voters realize that 26 weeks of un-employment benefits are paid for by taxes on employers, NOT by the government... the government just acts as the transfer agent.

      Very few voters realize that employers "USED" to pay 50% of the FICA taxes that finance the employee's future Social Security... but since the recent FICA tax reduction only reduced the "employees" portion and not the "employers" portion, employers are now financing 60% of their employee's future social security.

      These are just a few examples of the burdens that employers face when trying to decide how many employees to HIRE... and which country to hire them in.

      There are so many reasons WHY investors are running for shelter... and businesses are downsizing, I can't even BEGIN to list them all... but they all have the common thread that GOVERNMENT is behind all of the dis-incentives.

      Take Obamacare: A company is exempt from covering employees if it has fewer than 50 employees.
      So, if you're a company with 53 employees and you're struggling to make a profit while competing with a Taiwan company who makes the same widgets that YOU do... what are you going to do?.......

      ... you're likely going to DOWNSIZE, that's what...

      ... yes, Virginia... Obamacare is an ANTI-JOBS program.


    • People... instead of investing in the American people like they did in the 90's under the Clinton administration are taking their money and investing in corporations with rich dividends to take advantage of low tax rates...Taxes need to go up and corporate loop holes need to be closed...Why did they invest in the American people? Because they needed to keep up w/ the Jones and that was the only way to do it, by creating jobs and innovation...if Romney is elected there will be more hoarding of cash and a second recession...

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      • Currently, when a corporation makes money, it's taxed up to 35% on those earnings. When they then pay some of those earnings out as dividends, they are taxed AGAIN (eg: "double taxation) at the personal level (eg: Romney). The total tax on those earnings are as much as 35 + 15 + 50%.

        Obama want's to raise the top rate for "earned income" from 35% to 39.6%. He ALSO wants to tax dividends as "earned income".

        The result would be a max rate of 74.6%... 35% from the corporation, and 39.6% from the individual receiving the dividend... which, of course, would run investment capital even MORE out of our country than it already IS.

        Again, Buffett's secretary is a bad example because her employer "deducts" her salary, so that it's only taxed ONCE at HER level.

        I would have NO PROBLEM with taxing dividends as ordinary income if the paying corporation could DEDUCT those dividends...

        ... but Obama is vehemently OPPOSED to that because he hates corporations as much as he hates wealthy people.

        Hope this helps.


    • if you don't vote for Obama then what ? voting for Romney he seem like a used car salesman.out of touch with america.he accuse obama why there are more people in food stamps but doesn't realize if single mom working in walmart for $10 per hour then with $1300 salary how she pays for childcar or transportation or food or rent or once a month going to eat in subway ?
      Romney doesn't know anything from ordinary people.he look like those Saudi arabia sheiks that living in richness and don't understand mass people life.

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    • Listen BJ, I have a small business and my gross was about 255k and I know I paid quite a substantial amount percentage wise than romney and your goffball buddies did, but I still don't mind it, cause I could make that money because I am a proud US citizen. This is not about redistribution of wealth. This is an execuse you greedy bastards use so that you don't pay your taxes and rip this nation off and then hide away your money outside of the USA. You people have no shame. It is all greed that you are stuffed with. GEEEEE!!!!!

    • The only reason I am voting for Obama is hopefully he will not attack IRAN- I am sick of hearing/watching people dying over there and very sick to hear also that WAR is good for business..

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