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  • stargator55 stargator55 Nov 2, 2012 9:26 AM Flag

    60mhz spectrum sale 3x current market value on CLWR.

    If 7-9 billion were received for 60mhz of excess spectrum held by clwr the price per share would jump to 6-10 bucks each upon announcement - IMO. Not a bad thing for Sprint as they own like 600 million shares - how about a 3.6-6 billion increase to the value of their holdings too? I would think big Dan would like that, of course he would rather get clwr for

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    • ... 2 years ago, when the subject of a spectrum sale hit a high pitch, the aggregate analyst projection of the value of 40mhz was $2.5 to $5 billion.

      While I realize that spectrum is arguably more valuable now than it was then, I'm hard pressed to see where it would garner more than 15 to 25% more today than it would have 24 months ago at the 2.5ghz frequency.

      JMHO, S

    • pps will rocket as soon as CLWR releases a pr saying yes we ar going to sell Spectrum.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Now, you have to ask yourself who would be the buyer of CLWR’s spectrum. Certainly, it cannot be AT&T or Verizon because FCC won’t allow them to hoard further. That leaves only Sprint and Leap, because T-Mobile and MetroPCS have no need for additional spectrum at this point, besides their cash are already tied up on merger and LTE build-out, which means back to square one for CLWR.

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      • There are pumpers here that are trying to mislead retail investors. The fact is FCC will NOT allow AT&T and Verizon to participate in any capacity in an open auction of spectrum. This has nothing to do with the FCC not allowing AT&T to buy T-MOBILE . This measure is to prevent AT&T and Verizon from further monopolizing the industry by hoarding of spectrum. The smaller outfits cannot possibly compete in an open auction against AT&T and Verizon with their enormous cash.

        Here is an excerpt of an article published by CNET.

        “During the debate over the spectrum auction legislation, AT&T and Verizon pushed Congress to put limits on what restrictions the FCC could impose on the new auctions to keep big players out of certain auctions. Sprint fought hard to make sure the FCC kept is authority. Ultimately, Congress didn't impose new restrictions. But as the agency drafts its rules, it will be watched closely.

        This an important issue, because carriers, such as Sprint and T-Mobile, would benefit if the FCC writes rules that exclude AT&T and Verizon, the two largest in the nation, from bidding on all some or all of the spectrum in a given auction. Sprint and other smaller competitors are concerned they could be priced out of these auctions by the much bigger and cash-rich competitors.”

      • c.wire Nov 2, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

        Much of Clewire's spectrum is leased and not owned. This spectrum is not subject to cap limits placed on providers by the fcc and would be of high interest to either AT&T or VZ...

      • Some of you worried shorts are nakidly stupid. Ali, the FCC not allowing AT&T to buy T-MOBILE, the 4th largest carrier in the country, is a far cry different than buying some excess spectrum to meet the demands of customers. Try again.

      • DISH

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    • I am positive on clwr but if they sold 60mhz of excess spectrum for 8 billion that values the class A shares (the ones you and me hold) at $3.50 a share. (sell more at the same rate still means $3.50/share so doesn't matter how much of it they sell) The class A shares only have 16.5% of the value of the entire company so I wish people would stop thinking its 100% and basing valuations and decisions based on that. I think $3.75 is the top end on a buyout because of this. That is still good upside but people talking about $6 to $10 per share are not being realistic because there is no justification for that even at the pie in the sky spectrum valuations.

      Based on the ERH sale the class A shares are worth $2.19 (taking out how they actually valued them but based on real value for the entire $100m paid). See another post I made that details out how that number was arrived at. There is a reason the shares are trading in this range, its because that is roughly the current fair value.