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  • strawgold strawgold Nov 2, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    Short covering the last three days apparent

    The short covering has begun for real now, in my opinion. A steady march upward subtly on below average volume, a professional way to cover since it attracts less attention than buying large blocks at one time. I doubt that this is happening with the aid of one trader or one account alone, either. I've been around the block long enough not to believe that all things market are legitimate. In this instance, however, it's obviously good for us who are holding. Usually it's the other way around.

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    • Common stock value worth $2 with a ceiling of $13. If you can get it below $2 it is a bargain. Shorts know this now. They will come out and short heavily when price action goes up again.

    • Imo you will always have short covering, whatever the price action is, whatever the charts say.
      On top, I believe that the last few days have been excellent days to sell shares short (because of a small and steady rise in SP). Imo Monday and Tuesday SP will decline, because of higher short interest.
      On a personnal note: I like Mount Kellett on the long side. I firmly believe they are able to manipulate share price.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • How do you know?

      Short sellers have won.

      CLWR has been one of the most highly shorted stocks since it became publicly traded. Matching up the ups and downs of the stock with the amount of shares shorted shows even the low IQ readers that the short selling method of investing beat out the buy and hold method. The overall trend was loding up of short positions during relatively brief periods in which the stock rallied along the course of going from ~22 to around 2.


      CLWR has more shares held short than much larger companies.. more than high flyers like Google, Apple, and nearly as much as Facebook. That says something, the least of which should be to respect the sway that much money has on the little idiot investors trying to nudge the market by posting shisa on stock boards and wielding the piddly amount of power they have through investments. Even the investment firms Kellet do not have much control over the price of the stock.. yet dweebs here are deluded into thinking the tail wags the dog.

      What to learn: follow the trends and controlling interests.

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      • And you are foolish enough to think anyone cares what you post.

        Shorts have won??? Your foolishness and stupidity are heightened by the fact you have no idea whatsoever of what people's entry point or average PPS is.

        That you are wrong so often and have the audacity to continue to post like you know everything is just breathtaking - no one cares dude, get a job, posting here is not going to make you famous.

      • TeamRep: I said it "was in my opinion" so that obviously indicates I don't "know for sure" any more than anyone else does, which probably includes you - but I can take educated guesses based on what I see happening in the trading. This is a message board, it's not Ouija Board. The short interest link you provide is weeks old. Obviously it is not reflecting what is going on today in the trading. But it also raises an interesting point: short interest should be posted daily just like trading stats are, moment by moment. Anyone who "shorts" a stock does it just like placing a buy order. (I've done it) so those trades should be available to the average investor just like other trades are. Maybe it is available somewhere at a huge subscription fee, but if it is, I haven't seen evidence of it. But for sure that link you used isn't going to be "of the moment". It's part of the handicap we small "investors" face while swimming with the sharks. BTW, your posts are intelligent and well thought out even if I don't agree with your take on things.