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  • starcraft_1998 starcraft_1998 Nov 8, 2012 3:56 AM Flag

    ATT presentation

    Contains a good overview of ATT plans for the coming years. It's all about moving wired to wireless.

    For those long in CLWR page 25 and page 30 have interesting information coming from a competitor

    can't post the link but it's available in their website in the investor relations (Analyst Conference 2012)

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    • Thanks for the info. The presentation is full of good information; a lot of it good for people in the telecom world; a lot of it not good for CLWR.

      ATT is focused on existing bands for the next 3 yrs (aka not CLWR).

      ATT is deploying 40K small cells. While this sounds like a big number, its much smaller than some would think. It can take 300 small cells to cover a large multi-story office bldg; so it really depends on how they are defining small cells. That is besides the point. The real story is that ATT has a multi pronged plan to deal with the spectrum crunch and that plan does not involve CLWR in the near future. I believe VZ's plan is similarly multi-pronged and does not strategically involve CLWR.

      Would either carrier telegraph such a move if it was intended? Of course not, but I continue to maintain that a move by ATT/VZ on CLWR would not be strategic, but a tactical move to impede Sprint. That makes the odds of it happening much lower.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • I read it as part of the article on 40,000 small cells to play a big part in their upgraded network build. Again, exponential demand data and its implications for spectrum congestion and utilization.