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  • starcraft_1998 starcraft_1998 Nov 17, 2012 5:51 PM Flag

    interesting passage from the FCC application

    For example, a combined SoftBank
    and Sprint will be able to achieve better vendor priority to produce dual mode
    TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE devices for the 2.5 GHz band and other spectrum bands
    in which Sprint holds licenses today or will obtain licenses in the future. As a
    result of this transaction, SoftBank/Sprint anticipate that device manufacturers
    will have a greater incentive to design and produce innovative handsets that can
    operate on both types of LTE technology, thus promoting innovation and greater
    consumer choice in broadband services.

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    • Of course. That is among the basic levels of synergy.. the traditional way, of course.

      Son's Softbank lends much more to the equation than old school fart ways.

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      • The industry is always stood at a moving target 'crossroads' or series of 'pivot points'. The major themee of these are levered on 1) semiconductors, 2) Digital communications technologies in which, Son explains, software is the brains and hardware the facilitator that must be connected best to people (Jobs, Microsoft, software world connections). The pipe that delivers bits is still just a pipe no matter how sophisticated ti becomes... up to the point where the 'Network is the computer' and is intelligent in itself to helping mold the environment (back) to people.

        Jobs never lost sight of that which is why he is an iconic genius of our time. Son has sometimes been caste as being in the shadow of companies like Novel, and the leading software and Internet portal giants, but Sons particular genius is now more of age than perhaps even Jobs.. because he has pursued a larger focus based on harnessing more aspects of the digital environment than the less bold 'mobile industry'.

        Softbank is not unique in seizing upon technology and markets buy it might be said that they are now positioned as few companies around the world. Verizon and AT&T are generally good at what they do and nobody will 'knock their block off' soon... not even Son-SB-Sprint. However, his group can combine with Sprint, which at its core is willing to take chances but sometimes not so aptly.

        If you look at the history of these companies and the segments of the industry that comprises ICT, Sprint has something of a similar adventurous character but Softbank Japan has had the diligence to tame the new technologies much better. Sprint tended to make big, bloated moves.. buying out industry buddies Nextel.. for a criminal amount. What looney tunes factory was that $35 billion plus pain decision hatched in? Harvard has already put that in the case study history books.

        The Japanese, S. Koreans, Taiwanese, with the Chinese having come up swiftly, have become masters of the new field of wireless technologies because they set out to engage in the methodical work that was needed to expose the new methods. The network is a good piece of the magic of business but only if you harness it.. which takes 'mountains of code' work on top of hardware boxes that build in true genius.

        We shall see just how creative the new combination gets over the next few years.


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