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  • tazmaster1965 tazmaster1965 Nov 18, 2012 2:13 PM Flag

    Google And Dish To Team Up To Launch Data Only Wireless Network By Mid 2013

    Can't post links. Not good news for other carriers to say the least.

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    • LMAO..good luck with that..hope it never rains ! I'd hate to be transmitting something important and lose the channel!!Like that never happens!!! Since Google sold its clwr stake maybe DiSH is coming out with a 3ft LNB reciever dish you wear on your head w satellite auto tracking and anti rain de-throttling software so u can have mobile DISH! lmao.

    • Some sketchy websites are reporting a deal but I haven't seen the mainstream newspapers reporting a deal yet.

      Make sure you have a virus program before visiting those sketchy websites. My Norton antivirus just blocked an attack after visiting one of those sites.


    • Where did you read that? At Mac n' Crack or DroidFool Druggy blog site?

      Its a brain-on-drugs rumor mill item: DISH will not deploy any network with anybody in 2013. Google is very unlikely to take part in more than pilot type proof of principle deployments and they have no special reason to do so with DISH unless, that is, that DISH wants to buy into the open IP networks philosophy that includes user-participation in networks... because that is the only way Google can hope to achieve universal adoption similar to Wi-Fi but applied to wide area networks.

      How big of a factor is Google in fiber optic, wired or wireless networks? A very small fraction of 1%.. in their home market USA. How much in world-wide markets? Get out your calculator.. 0.0003% of the ~ fiver billion mobile users ever touch network service that Google has taken part in.

      Google is huge in Internet and mobile OS environments that have crossed over into handsets. They are a wierd durg infested fantasy for dweebs on web boards in terms of networks.