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  • hifromatlanta hifromatlanta Dec 12, 2012 10:44 AM Flag

    Scary thought

    The thing that bothers me about the rumored deal btw CLWR and S is "Why now". While I still believe that CLWR is a better partner for S than Dish, one thought bugs me. Dish today rcvd appvl for its spectrum. If Sprint was intent on doing a deal with Dish, they may headfake towards CLWR first to get the best possible deal from Ergen. I know it won't be popular on this board, but that is the a very plausible reason for why there is now an apparent urgency on the CLWR deal.

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    • Aside from Son irrationality (and I don't think he's irrational, despite his bravado), there's no reason to rush into doing a deal with CLWR.

      1. No competing bidders
      2. No tax benefit
      3. No regulatory benefit
      4. No benefit from consolidation (aside from a potential debt recap; but that won't happen till the Sprint/Softbank deal closes)

    • Plausible S is working one against the other but unlikely. Son wants the CLWR spectrum specifically -- thats clear as day. DISH's spectrum isn't built out and does not compare in depth to CLWRs.

      A DISH/S/SB/CLWR is to me a much more likely scenario. SB brings the cash and TD-LTE vision and experience; S brings the customers, brand and some spectrum; DISH brings some spectrum and content; CLWR brings the key spectrum and existing buildout. If egos weren't in the way, this truly could be a match made in heaven. A strategic partnership is more likely than a complete integration via merger/acquisition.

    • They do a headfake every 2 years when pps was 4 bucks, nothing ever comes of it, google it you will fine old storys how they where going to buy clwr 2 years ago.

      It is a strategy to lower the pps of clwr it pops on news (short term) then nothing happens N investors run for the doors (long term)

    • So you think Clearwire is being used as a pawn. Clearwire needs to start speaking for itself. I feel that almost everything that matters to shareholders is learned from sources other than Clearwire.

    • I also thought something was fishy about the "leaked" information yesterday regarding buyout. If this is what is happening, what's your opinion on when Sprint will announce, if it does, deal with Dish?
      After all their buddies take a whopping profit?

      Still don't believe that Sprint didn't have a hand in the information about buyout.