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  • greyfoxed20 greyfoxed20 Dec 18, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    Any thoughts on holding or selling?

    Wondering what everyone else thought about the upside and downside

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    • everybody now knows about the scheme of Sprint-Softbank that gradually cornered CLWR into a under-deal position for them to acquire this company. Fortunately, we still have some heroes to unmask the scheme and protect us in the court. It will be super striking deal.HOLD! Do not sell!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • If you think the minority vote against the merger could prevail, you should hold your shares.

      If you think the merger will succeed, you could either hold or sell regardless of the efficacy of the class action because the effecive date range for clwr ownership to be included in the class will almost certainly cover the date clearwire's board caved into Hesse's ridiculous $2.97 offer.

      To vote against the merger, you have to be a shareholder to receive a forthcoming proxy.

      It's virtually certain that Son will raise the buyout offer if a nose count indicates he doesn't have the votes...

      ... because clearwire is absolutely critical to his plans to empower sprint with an ocean of spectrum and dominance of the U.S. wireless industry. Without clearwire, Sprint remains an also-ran company.


    • Sell. There's no real potential for gain here. The only way you get more than $2.97 is if the deal falls through, and if that happens I would imagine you'll have time to buy back in as the share price plummets in reaction.