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  • starcraft_1998 starcraft_1998 Dec 20, 2012 7:56 AM Flag

    Liquidation will give shareholders possibly three times what is offered.

    Disclaimer: I've sold out my entire position in CLWR and I'm majorly #$%$ about the offer

    but I've read the 8K for the acquisition and I think the board did due diligence, they've looked into all possibilities multiple times: partnerships, partial spectrum sales, refinancing their debt, etc, etc

    But as they stated in the 8K their biggest problem was not finding a 2nd major wholesale customer to go with Sprint. And with all the consolidation going on and ATT and Verizon finding spectrum through acquisitions, the 2nd major wholesale customer will never happen.

    Without it they will never be able to generate enough revenues to be a stand alone company. Freedompop, netzero, karma, etc are still small fish

    we're not exactly in boom times either. MetroPCS was acquired with very little premium, Sprint was acquired with very little premium, why should CLWR be any different?

    McCaw and Stanton who created the wireless industry in the US and were insiders, sold out at $2.97. I've decided to do the same and move on (and I truly believed we would get $5)

    good luck with a class action suit, but I think my money and energy are better off spent somewhere else