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  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Dec 20, 2012 12:10 PM Flag

    what happens to the deal if sprint does not get the votes?

    if the common's hold out and the majority vote no, what happens then?

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    • ... If Son and Hesse don't get the votes, they come back and make a higher offer for clearwire... THAT's what happens.

      For those who remind us that Son says he won't pay more than $2.97... what do you EXPECT him to say.

      Son runs his Japanese network with the exact same spectrum and protocol used by clearwire. Clearwire is his key to full roaming between 2 of the top 3 economies of the world... the other of which (china) ALSO standardized on TD-LTE running at 2.5 ghz.

      Son would pay double the $2.97 price if he had to to get the votes... and still consider it a good deal... which it WOULD be. Remember, One of the MAIN REASONS Son BOUGHT sprint was because he could get clearwire for a song... and it's still a song 1 to 3 dollars a share above the $2.97 price.

      It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that shareholders vote this rip-off down. Crest is making it clear that the vote will be substantially contested via their buying up of stock to take this matter right to the doorstep of Hesse and Son. Holding our positions and voting this down is the contrarian move of the decade.

      Look at it this way, whigglee... if you buy CLWR at $2.90 today and vote against this deal... essentially emulating what they're doing at Crest... you have very big upside... and virtually NO downside since the deal is set at $2.97 if the vote goes thru and the class action fails for any reason. I aded more shares to my already sizable position for that very reason just today... it does me no good for the class action, but potentially a LOT of good if the deal gets voted down.


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      • so the regular joe six pack's holding clwr could make Goliath cool is that...wonder if s-sb is too grandiose about the whole matter, thinking they already have a done deal? time will tell, but me thinks they may just sweeten the pot a bit to get crest off there at no vote is ready...bring it on....

      • It has already been established by the ‘committee’ that the spectrum value of Clearwire didn't fetch nearly as much what shareholders were hoping for. This means, the $2.97 is not a guarantee and the floor could be a ‘financial restructuring’ as stated in their filings where Sprint can potentially acquire Clearwire spectrum on the cheap in an auction.