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  • indano indano Dec 27, 2012 2:50 PM Flag

    NEW Technology makes CLWR Spectrum Very Valuable

    Small cells, Spectrum Aggregation, Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO), Beam Forming - Time Domain (TD) makes 2.6 GHz possible.
    ALL contribute to the present day value of CLWR.
    TD-LTE is to CLWR what fracking is to Natural Gas.
    Suddenly tremendous value where several years ago - little interest.
    Sprint is attempting to change a few letters in fracking (ra to u) to CLWR share holders.
    Hold out for $8+

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    • Clearwire is only as valuable as Sprint is willing to pay which is $2.90, oops $2.97. Clearwire has no other bidder besides Sprint and the market knows it. Just look at the share price at below $2.97 for the past 2 weeks and this trend will continue while baggies are getting out. The smart thing to do is to invest elsewhere instead of waiting around 10 months for the prized $2.97. Once the Softbank and Sprint merger get derailed or the lawsuit becomes successful Sprint will merge with Dish and kick Clearwire out to the curb so fast like a 4G.

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      • geegee...surely, you understand that the arbitrage of this trade is to always allow a tiny bit of upside to those that wait. You seem unfamiliar with market pricing as it relates to a takeover pps.

        Actually, at 3%, the arbitrage play is fairly attractive to some.

        CLWR traded well over the $2.97 until S/SB placed the well played cram down card on the table. It ain't over, though.

        I feel "long's" will get closer to $4.00 when these share totals get tallied and the lawsuits are actually filed.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Indano has lost his marbles: Perhaps it makes sense for common stock plebians to hold out for a sweetened over.. some more crumbs from the cake of the future promise of technology. However, what others now do with the technology, how the industry, standards or individual suppliers and operators are progressing has become irrelevant. It has been of secondary concern since the company ran out of capital and had to go so deeply into debt and without large partners.

      "Technology-Smechology.. show me the money"

      Technology has become irrelevant. So too have partnerships because none meet the needs that will save Clearwire from being on the auction block one way or the other. The only issue remaining is what is the equitable timing and price of the take out. That makes it advisable for investors not concerned about waiting for an outcome to hold out to see whether a better deal will be in the offing.

      Seems to me that SB-Sprint will be able, if they think it necessary, to sweeten the offer to a point, likely ~$4.50, that will garner enough support to cause the acquisition by Sprint to move forward. I frankly don't know what will happen.. its odds on guessing. This type of guessing is risky because all it takes is a few calls/meetings and the situation can change. In this case, seems that SB-Sprint have the decisions of partners, BODs and management locked down and just need for enough additional shares to wrap it up. Also seems that Crest and Mt. Kellett are in this as an investment and will sell out for a price that is between the current offer and K's $6.30 value, and that closer to the $4.50 price is more likely than the top end that is reasonable for them to settle, taking the class of investors with them.

      Clearwire can do diddly with technology without the capital and marketshare. Forgetaboutit.

    • Stop trying so hard.