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  • indano indano Dec 28, 2012 11:23 AM Flag

    Nearly Blind - TD-LTE Vision Restored

    If you beleived your own babble you'd have left long ago.
    Your mere continued presence on this thread reinforces my posts.
    CLWR will have to deploy TD-LTE before a vote. Any less constitues fraud.
    CLWR already indicated they have the $$$ to upgrade 5000 sites and the Sprint contract for LTE.
    We will see $6+ for sure!!!!! - or - NO DEAL
    I predict $2.97 + 1 share of Sprint.

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    • My 'babble' about the technology started 12 years ago before any of the standards decided to make use of MIMO-OFDMA. Technology discussions have their time and place.. the discussion is historical for Clearlywiredbankrupt. You are mentioning stuff that may help nudge investors to hold out for a better deal which seems to be a low to no risk bet which is a good thing. However, the technology is now meaningless to Clearlywired common stock holders.. the only question remaining is how much Softbank-Sprint will have to pay to pick up the pieces and use the technology to more effectively exploit the spectrum and markets. Clearwire started into this with lots of spectrum and too little capital or their own leveraged marketshare. They leave it as a recovering bankruptcy dependent on Sprint-SB and thus worth closer to scrap value. Sorry Charlie... that is the way it is. Hold out for a better offer... around $4.50 imo. Worst case you get the $2.97. Worst, worst case this causes derailment of the SB-Sprint deal which is highly unlikely.