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  • indano indano Dec 30, 2012 10:24 AM Flag

    NSN: 2.6 GHZ TD-LTE WiMAX overlay in Spain

    Nokia Siemens Networks brings TD-LTE to Spain
    They wouldn't be rolling this out as a WiMax upgrade if there wasn't HUGE potential.
    This is just like Clearwire Network - it used to be Clearwire Network!!!
    Madrid, Spain 10/16/12
    This was the network Clearwire owned in Spain.
    Pairs with Consortium of Advanced Telecommunications & Wimax Online on country’s first TD-LTE service, in 2.6GHz band

    NSN has provided the solution to successfully complete the first 4G mobile broadband pilot with TD-LTE technology in Murcia, Spain, ahead of a November launch for commercial services. COTA, a new player in Spanish telecoms, working with Wimax Online, selected Nokia Siemens Networks as sole supplier for a customer-focused end-to-end LTE service. The operator plans to launch commercial mobile broadband Internet access service using Nokia Siemens Networks TD-LTE technology by the end of the year.

    The implementation is Southern Europe’s first TD-LTE, 2.6 GHz network.

    Services from regional operators make the Spanish market highly diverse. COTA, in collaboration with Wimax Online, is an example of a local operator with a flexible and efficient business model. COTA acquired 10 MHz in the 2.6 GHz band auction in the summer of 2011 and immediately began to plan for a service launch. Wimax Online will benefit from the wholesale LTE access provided by COTA. In addition to extending the existing service portfolio with broadband offering, they will provide DSL-like services in the Murcia region where it is currently not possible to provide fixed-internet connectivity and VoIP. COTA also plans to provide television services through an IPTV-platform in the future.

    The deployment marks the first Single Radio Access Network (RAN) TD-LTE project in South Europe, the first Band 38 TD-LTE deployment in Spain, and one of the first 4G networks in South Europe. Using advanced TDD/FDD, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) techniques and Single RAN TD-LTE is the most cost-effective solution for the acquired band.

    The end-to-end TD-LTE service is based on Nokia Siemens Networks’ energy-efficient Flexi Multiradio Base Station technology together with existing TD-LTE customer premises equipment (similar to WiFi routers), the CPE indoor 7212 and CPE outdoor 7210. In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks’ partner Athonet provided core network components for COTA. The agreement also included Nokia Siemens Networks’ professional services.

    CPE indoor 7212 and CPE outdoor 7210 will also work on Clearwire network.

    Don't let Sprint steal our company. NO VOTE until CLWR TD-LTE rolls out and CT filings are revealed!!!!

    CLWR TD-LTE is Mobile Broadband Game Changer!!!!

    $2.97 + 1 share of Sprint minimum.

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