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  • twortle twortle Dec 31, 2012 9:56 AM Flag

    the lawsuits should hit soon...hold your shares and contact the law office

    I think the lawsuits are being brought against the Clearwire BOD, but Sprint has assigned some of those directors. If it is determined that there was a lack of fiduciary duty in valuing the enterprise value of the company based on true, market-driven GAAP value, then the lawsuit has merit and will move forward. The valuation of any asset to determine book value of the asset seems to be one of the driving factors of the lawsuit, as well as a hint of insider collusion, which will be more difficult to show. IMHO there will be a lawsuit no matter what happens simply to allow common shareholders to get a "peek under the hood" of this company and all the crazy moving parts it has been subject to over the years, including insider trading allegations, BOD collusion allegations, etc.