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  • ohiomale216 ohiomale216 Jan 8, 2013 6:53 PM Flag

    Deal or No Deal

    OK common share holders it is time to vote do you vote Yes for Sprints $2.97 or do you Vote NO.
    Remember now if you Vote No you do not get the $2.97 a share but jump to $3.30 a share.
    But then that could be a Low bid as we very heard the prices on other offers only the BOD and the companies that are tied to Sprint in the future yrs.

    Oh lets not forget the old saying You Pat my back and I'll Pat you Pockets

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    • I dont feel like the deal is going to be approved by the BOD

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      • You are likely right. However, the BoD could be thinking and discussion with Sprint " can we deflect this deal, the Crest lawsuit, the objections of Kellett and common shareholders.. Sprint, let's let this roll downhill a bit and then you need to sweeten the offer to the point that the majority is swayed."

        I think at some point within the next 2-6 weeks that Sprint will make an offer to Kellett and Crest and if only one accepts that will put a wrap on it. The price now looks lower by virtue of DISH's $3.30 partial offer, but it still might be persuaded higher just to clear the situation.

        What if Ergen/DISH put this offer out there as a way to secure an understanding with SB-Sprint as it will have to be made copacetic with the FCC and DoJ? "Deal me (DISH) in boys". Ths presents to the FCC and DOJ as a way to make the prospects for use of part of the 2.6GHz spectrum more concrete. They might take this situation/offer into consideration as they decide how the spectrum licenses are settle.. do they allow all of them to go into Softbank-Sprint's hands or agree to approve their deal only on condition that the competitor DISH and perhaps others be given a plot of spectrum in the bargain? DISH's offer is like saying "We have nothing to lose by offering $3.30 for 24% of ~150 MHz... we could not buy the spectrum cheaper otherwise and we might be locked out in the future if the SB-S goes through without our putting the cards on the table."

    • I would feel better with Sprint deal even though the price is lower

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      • Sprint has one major hang up and that is the FCC and Gov. Now we have a American company looking at CLWR not the House of the Rising Son to take control of all this U.S. Spectrum and it just may be the stopper to the Son 70% take over of Sprint. The FCC and Gov. could allow the 25% that is in the law books and if Son excepts that or not will be the main Deal Breaker.

        Will Son merge with Sprint for only 25% and not have control? if not Sprint is back to square one no money lot a debt and maybe the lost of Clear as that deal will also fall

    • NO DEAL!