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  • weirdoinnj weirdoinnj Jan 9, 2013 6:56 AM Flag

    SB won't take S without CLWR =

    Bidding war

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • LOL! You hypsters are grandiose... pump, pump, pump... pump that bootie.

      There is no bidding war because any bidder faces many obstacles that have been constructed into New Clearwire from the start and have grown out of their agreements and indebtedness.

      Sprint de facto has owned Clearwire from the start by virtue of bankrolling them and contributing among the choicest slabs of spectrum and the holding the majority of subscribers and ability to drive new ones onto the LTE network that they have mutually agreed to build.

      DISH is a red herring only.. Their deal smells very fishy .. but its good to have out in the open. This increases the odds that DISH and SB-Sprint will come to terms that are feasible. What can be seen from DISH's offer is that Ergen is an egotist who has wanted far too much: He wants ownership of choice cuts of spectrum while only paying at a discounted average price. He wants someone with mobile expertise to help build the network at a discounted price, leaving them with the scrounge spectrum to build their business. And Ergen wants Sprint to look the other way on their ownership and agreements to let DISH step in to take the central role in enslaving Clearwire as their rahter than Sprint's vassal BB utility supplier. Altogether, you;ve got to hand it to Ergen, they guy has balls as big, or bigger than his head.

    • S is sitting on 51% of CLWR so SB has as much of a chunk as they need and they
      will get it on the cheap. DISH may get 25% You wont see much of a bidding war on
      something they (SB/S) see as excess spectrum. Let DISH eat some of the debt, I
      think in the end this will be good for ALL. The good for the CLWR shareholders is
      you will get a nice pop above the $2.97 a share.