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  • nivegulu nivegulu Jan 18, 2013 1:14 PM Flag

    FCC to free up additional Wi-Fi spectrum to boost speeds

    Mobile internet is the technology of choice for complete freedom of movement and not tied down to limited wi-fi locations.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • What does that mean? WiFi is what is used to transit more traffic over less spectrum than any other spectrum anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyprice.

      Mobile uses WiFi. Mobile is WiFi. Nobody can sell a mobile device without it because people use it.

      "What, WiFi is Local you idiot!" Yes. Which shows how wireless has evolved due to the way people want to use it rather than the grandiose designs of chief muckimucks. WiFi was 'designed' to be a local area network thingy. It was cheap and users themselves could deploy it. And so could hotels, restaurants, airports, and other places where users wanted access. The mobile wireless industry did not design Wi-Fi.. they did no 'endorise it' as an industry movement or way for us average slobs to use it. It sorta just happened because it was useful and cost effective... more so than any BORG orchestrated network that has ever been designed or deployed.. by such a long shot its blasphemous to suggest otherwise. Its ridiculous for any engineer or middle management or senior executive to say otherwise because the facts so slearly speak for themselves.

      WiMAX was supposed to be a 'Wireless broadband revolution", but was so cobbled by BORGonionism that it has not worked well. Blame the fact that there are selfish interests in the world who want your axx in their grip.

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      • Like any business investment, WiFi will need to pay for itself or even make some money by golly. As such you can expect the operators to begin monetizing it or in other words charging for each connection. It use to cost ,25 (or less if you are really old) to make a call from a phone you had to go find and stand next too, it will now probably be $1.00 to make that call on the $600 iPhone you just signed up for...per the old saying , what goes around comes around.

        WiFi connections won't stay a free connection forever.