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  • indano indano Jan 12, 2013 8:05 PM Flag

    China Mobile 10 TD-LTE smartphones in 1H13 including iPhone.

    Cook is in China speaking with China Mobile NOW!
    The world's largest mobile operator, China Mobile, announced it will introduce 10 TD-LTE smartphone models during the first half of 2013.

    These ALL work on the Clearwire Network. Can't stonewall any longer, have to turn on the network and let the public see the speed and increased coverage of TD-LTE!

    The operator (China Mobile) intends to have more than 100 models available by 2014, with smartphones from ZTE, Huawei and even Apple in the lineup, according to a Xinhuanet article, which cited Li Zhengmao, China Mobile vice president, as saying that Apple will launch an iPhone that supports TD-LTE.

    A dearth of handsets is a bottleneck in TD-LTE's development, he said, but added, "The TD-LTE industry chain has become mature and it will have enough models within the year."

    Xinhuanet noted that ZTE has already launched a dual-mode TD-LTE phone with a 4.5-inch screen and dual-core chip. The phone is already in use in Guangdong Province. (ZTE Grand Era)

    China Mobile, which has some 700 million customers, is testing TD-LTE networks in 13 cities, including Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou.

    In related news, Ted Matsumoto, chief strategy officer at Japan's Softbank, said that operator is in negotiations with China Mobile regarding future TD-LTE roaming.

    Matsumoto also revealed that Softbank's TD-LTE network now has 100,000 users served by 7,000 TD-LTE base stations, with the operator expecting to build out 3,000 more base stations soon. Softbank is expected has introduced a Huawei-produced TD-LTE-based smartphone model.

    My Japanese is a little rusty :-)
    Masayoshi Son, President of SOFTBANK Group listed 6 TD-LTE smart phone, 6 Smartphone supports both TD-LTE/UMTS/GSM three types of network systems, by Huawei, Motorola, sharp, respectively (2) provided, Fujitsu and Kyocera. The first STREAM TD-LTE smartphones 201HW Ascend P1 LTE provided by Huawei, scale sales TD-LTE became the world’s first Smartphone.According to the global mobile suppliers Association (GSA) statistics. The accession of 6 TD-LTE smart phone will no doubt significantly faster growth in SOFTBANK TD-LTE user help its commercial success, thereby driving the development of global TD-LTE is more to look forward to.STREAM 201HW support provided by Huawei at least 6 GSM/UMTS/TD-LTE band, with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, high quality 1930mAh battery. The phone power on takes only 5 seconds minimum for all phone; camera start-up time takes only 1 second, frame 10 photos for 1.8 seconds.Global best seller provided by Motorola Razar enhanced Edition went on sale in late October, this is the first launch since the Google acquisition of Motorola Smartphones. On all 4.3 inch screen mobile phone, the phone volume and body is very sturdy and strong ability of resistance to fall.Traditional high-end cell phones provided by the sharp Pantone 4.5 inch large screen, carried 13.1 million pixel camera, available in 25 colors and 7 color choices, form the 25×7 styles, went on sale in December.Japan traditional hot products provided by Kyocera Corporation, enhanced version of the Honey BEE will be sold starting in January 2013. The TD-LTE smart phone is intended primarily for young women, including female students, can be used with more than one mobile phone decorations, front-facing camera the light enhanced capacity and bring their own camera image processing functions.Provided by Fujitsu high-end smartphones pick-up 1.5Ghz Arrows a quad-core CPU, with Japan the biggest battery capacity 2420mAh, and fast charge, the phone go on sale in February 2013.

    Sprint has NO Network Vision without Clearwire. Let the battle rage!

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    • Apple CEO Cook Returns to China Amid Falling Market Share

      By Bloomberg News - Jan 9, 2013 12:55 AM ET.

      Cook is meeting government officials and partners, Carolyn Wu, a Beijing-based Apple spokeswoman, said by phone today, without elaboration. The officials included Miao Wei, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, according to a government statement.

      Apple has almost doubled its number of outlets in China and Hong Kong since Cook’s last visit as it tries to win consumers from Samsung Electronics Co. and local phone makers. The company has slipped to sixth from fourth in market share, according to researcher IDC, and it has yet to offer iPhones via China Mobile Ltd. (941), the nation’s biggest carrier.

      “They have been too slow to open points of sale,” Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research Group in Shanghai, said in an interview today. “We’ve also seen the introduction of tons of cheaper smartphones on Android.”

      The company now has 11 stores in China and Hong Kong, compared with six when Cook was last in the country. The Asian nation is still the Cupertino, California-based company’s second-largest market after the U.S., with $5.7 billion in sales in the quarter ended September.

      China Mobile

      Apple has yet to design a device that can use China Mobile’s third-generation network, a homegrown system that isn’t used by other carriers. The two companies also need to agree on the business model and benefit sharing before a product can be introduced, China Mobile Chief Executive Officer Li Yue told a conference in Guangzhou last month.

      Apple’s Wu declined to comment on whether Cook was meeting China Mobile officials during his trip. Li Jun, a Beijing-based spokesman for the carrier’s state-owned parent company, said he didn’t have any information on the subject.

      Cook discussed China’s information technology industry, global mobile communications and Apple’s business in China with ministry head Miao, according to the government statement.

      The company, which opened its first Chinese store in 2008, gained 0.3 percent to close at $525.31 in New York trading yesterday.

      The phone maker may agree a deal with China Mobile when the carrier moves to a fourth-generation wireless network based on Long Term Evolution technology in the second half of the year, Neil Juggins, a Hong Kong-based analyst at JI Asia Research Ltd., said by e-mail today.

      “I think there is a good chance of an agreement,” he said. “I would put the chances at better than 50 percent.”

      Samsung Sales

      Apple had less than 10 percent of China’s mobile-phone market in the third quarter, according to IDC. Samsung led sales, followed by four local brands -- Lenovo Group Ltd. (992), China Wireless Technologies Ltd.’s Coolpad unit, ZTE Corp (763) and Huawei Technologies Co.

    • CLWR as well limiting the minority shareholders ability to participate in CLWRs potential success.