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  • ed_amamay ed_amamay Jan 21, 2013 10:21 PM Flag

    the flame is set to medium high heat this week...good news ahead

    I expect to hear about better offers later this week....the kind that make things a little more interesting,but, not a final DISH.

    Let the week play out..good news for longs. But, only the third inning.

    Teamrep, I am a bit tired of your self serving gobble-li#$%$. You remain stuck in the past and have no forward thinking ability. Thus, you find yourself unemployed.

    Analysts of the 1990's are dinosaurs, my friend. The game has changed immensely since you were one of the smartest guys in the room. Don't throw logic into the mix....its all about greed and control these days. CLWR will be well rewarded, beyond your $4.50 prediction.

    Please, your seem to be the only one on this board needing strength.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Ed, good to see your wee-gee ball is working again to the benefit of CLWR longs like myself. Don't waste your time trying to school TR, he's just a #$%$ that is in love with himself and his bloviating mumbo-jumbo.... imagine having to work in the same room with a blowwhard like that?? Almost as bad as having to sit in on a Prusch-led board meeting where the other directors are fighting over who goes first in the musical chairs game that they always play before the meeting starts.... or was it who pins the tail on the donkey (Cochrann) I always forget, those people are so impressive, almost as comical as the real donkey hall of famer (Hesssssee). Just tell TR to "go home" no one wants to play with him any more.... see you at $5+

    • Picked up 555 June 3.5 calls for .10 each. By June bid will be much higher.

    • Chef Stanton is getting his veggies into the DISH and hopefully will serve up a good and healthy wireless diet soon to all common's that continue to hang tough...

    • I am holding it is definitely getting interesting. You and TR seem to have a past. Working in the bean field together maybe. LOL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy