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  • indano indano Jan 29, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    GOOG + ALu Light Radio = CLWR EXPLOSION

    "Light Radio is a miniature cell tower and is so small that it can be handheld . It can be mounted on a pole or street light and then you have a base station. This will be a very good solution for both urban and rural market, especially in markets such as US (Clearwire).
    So..... Google licenses Light Radio, uses the MOTO Group to build and.... Mobile Broadband EXPLOSION!
    Turn on the freeeek'n TD-LTE network Clearwire. We know what we own and Sprint ISN'T going to STEAL IT!
    DISH + GOOGLE (SAT + Spectrum + Technology)!
    We're sitting on a Gold Mine.
    $8+ NO LESS!
    Buy out Sprint $9/sh 1:1 share exchange w/CLWR holders and GIT ER DONE!

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    • Good information.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Excellent as usual. All the bigwigs - goog,msft, aapl, amzn, fb etc. who are not reading this will go extinct slowly due to product stauration, network clogging, mobility limitations etc.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Allow me to introduce Yin
      Current LightRadio TD-LTE EnodeB Modem L1 Subsystem Test Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell
      Past: LightRadio Controller (2G) System Test Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell
      Student Job: Technical Support (WDM Network) at Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH
      Internship: Automated Verification at Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland AG

      What??? A LightRaqdio TD-LTE EnodeB Modem Subsystem... hmmmmm....
      Where could this be used? Who in China could benefit? Who else?
      $8+ NO LESS!
      Screw Sprint, let's build our own network with DISH & GOOGLE!