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  • ed_amamay ed_amamay Jan 29, 2013 8:22 PM Flag

    Crest PetitionTo Deny is quite an interesting read

    Forget the intellectual nonsense that some spew relentlessly on this board... only to bump their own long winded message.

    I will keep it long do any of you truly believe that SB will let this game continue? Son has let Hessee screw the pooch on this deal. I remember when Hessee laughed at the notion he was going to take CLWR for pennies on the dollar. Oh, how the tide has shifted.

    Sprint is a bankrupt company without CLWR. Better offers are coming...and will be trumped at least one more time if not at the $7.00 level (cash and stock).

    Citing material from 2009?...not me. I am FORWARD THINKING AND SO ARE THE PEOPLE ORCHESTRATING THIS DEAL! Follow the money, not the past!

    DISH backed off, but, not away. Crest took the lead with the FCC. Google it....its called a Petition To Deny.

    We are getting to crunch time for S/SB to make a move...the ball has been shifted back to S/Sb, ala Justice Dept. This has bought time for all, and, allows DISH to take the foot off the pedal.


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    • What makes you so sure that Son wasn’t pulling all the strings and perhaps Sprint was just the puppet at play? Son has specifically said that he will not go over more than $2.97 and I believe his financiers won’t allow him to either. The DoJ has a legitimate concern on Sprint using Huawei’s equipment given that Sprint is a big supplier to the US government. Sprint has explicitly said that they will not use Huawei’s gear.

      “Better offers are coming...and will be trumped at least one more time if not at the $7.00 level (cash and stock).”

      What better offers and by who? Leap?

      Keep dreaming!

    • This may be the opportunity others have been waiting for, that is, open the door for Sprint to accept bids for chunks of spectrum so as to not be seen as a hoarder of spectrum, especially with a pending takeover by a forum company. By disaggregating some of the spectrum, this would naturally ease the DOJ/Homeland Security concerns. It will be interesting how this plays out. Lets see if others who need spectrum to stay alive or expand their business model make a move.This would also alleviate some of the pressure the FCC has in auctioning more spectrum that may not be as valuble as long as CLWR is hoarding. Once CLWR spectrum is divided and assimilated, in a couple of years when they auction more, it may have more value since there will not be that much laying around and controlled by one company. Everyone wins.

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      • It is a common and understandable mistake by many too believe the FCC wants to make large amounts of money on spectrum auctions, however that is not a driver for them in the decision making process. Selling spectrum to raise funds for the "tax payers" who own the airwaves is simply a populist argument put forward by our government leaders trying to profess they are looking out for our best interest.

        I seem to have missed the mailing list when it comes to distributing these great auction funds, maybe one of you can tell me who got them or what program it has paid for so I didn't have to pay more in taxes! (and no I didn't write that for you Spok).

        I am saying that increasing FCC auction revenue is not a serious consideration when looking at the sale price of spectrum between companies.

    • You have high hopes for scoring big but your suggestions are misplaced. What's wrong with intelligent posts that explain what is happening.. it beats layman posts like yours that blow up routine things like Crest's request for denial as if that were a major challenge. Crest's request is an out of left field play that is more likely than not to be thrown out. I think that Crest makes some valid points but goes so far over the top that they end up looking sorta redicuuusloouus.

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      • "What's wrong with intelligent posts that explain what is happening.."

        Hows about you give that a try then?? For once... Rather than the cut and paste regurgitation you post - FAIL!

      • oh, really, TR? Give me a break. You ONLY provide date from 2009 or prior. You were fired because you cannot see a tree in the forest.

        Come clean to the board about your recent history. You still claim to be an analyst on other boards...I beg to differ.

        I will never debate are smart, but, naive.

        I value the spectrum...I am here for the money and so are several billion dollars worth of my friends. Change your mustard stained t-shirt, pal. This is only the third inning of a nine inning game.

        I will throw my towel in at $7.00...less than what i wanted, but, what I expect. Those lump call option purchases on Monday...they are still buying as well...priced at $3.75 to get "in the money".

        Keep posting on ymb and eat your nasty, boiled pork, you frivolous encrustation .

        I am eating veggies, my friend....and am a heck of lot happier than you.

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