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  • vetfrc vetfrc Jan 31, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    How will CLWR be split up ?

    It is becoming clear S/SB will not be able to acquire all the spectrum. The split will be interesting and what it will mean to the pps. Also Son today stated that he feels like he is buying S at a discount because of hedging the yen vs the dollar, so how about a increase on the CLWR bid ?

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    • please enlighten me how did you come up with that conclusion that sprint cannot buy clearwire whole.
      FCC has limit on how much spectrum a company can hold to prevent spectrum hoarding. but clearwire spectrum is not the kind of spectrum that fcc has limit on. Just read the verizon petition to the fcc regarding softbank/sprint dealt yesterday!

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      • Then why did the FCC ask for a delay on approval of S to SB to investigate national security concerns concerning the spectrum acquisition? That is exactly what is going to happen.....they will force CLWR to sell off some spectrum holdings or cap Sprints spectrum total.

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      • If they do not limit the spectrum they will open the bidding to AT&T and VZ. This is a clarification these two behemoth are waiting on before they polish up their bids for CLWR. They have been waiting on the sideline to make their move once they get clarity on the specific issues they brought up. In other words, if you the FCC/DOJ don't care about a foreigner hoarding most of the available spectrum, then don't mind us being US companies wanting to hoard it for u and keep it away from unfriendly hands later on. We will keep it and put it to good use for the good of the USA.

    • [Son today stated that he feels like he is buying S at a discount because of hedging the yen vs the dollar, so how about a increase on the CLWR bid]

      That’s a moot point unless FCC approves the deal first. Moreover, if Clearwire spectrum is to split SB-Sprint won’t be paying $2.97. More than likely SB-Sprint will just bid on the spectrum directly and it seems the base price has already been established at $0.21/Mhz/POP by both Sprint and Dish.

      Sprint will most likely have the first-right to acquire 60 MHz (top markets) due to its majority ownership and its current WiMax provision. Given that Dish and Sprint has already established the base at $0.21/MHz/PoP there will be no reason for others to bid much higher.

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      • If CLWR sells off a part of its spectrum and gains enough cash to lower debt and start the build out there would be no need to sell the entire company

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      • There are always reasons to bid Higher and not so much that it can be taken out cheap the fact that it could be re sold or stop and slow the 3rd and 4th wireless companies from growing . that is the name of the game. Money

        I think there will be a play for it or both companies over Soft Banks great Deal of $7.30 for Sprint and owning Both.

        Don't take brains to figure that out but then Soft has to pass Gov, Tests so others have a lot of time to bid. if the Gov. fails it the line forms at the Rear