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  • ed_amamay ed_amamay Feb 1, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

    do some of you realize just how wrong you have been for FOUR YEARS?

    those that like to boast about knowing it all...trying to save you money...teaching you to buy at the bottom or short at the top....found out today just how "out of the clearly wired loop they were".

    perhaps the filings are full of lies as well...perhaps Ergen, et al are just a bunch of hypesters...

    this deal goes higher as the truth continues to be publicly and formally filed.

    Sprint is going to have a host of issues to deal with as these filings progress....not only is the DOJ and the FCC going to take issue with what Hessee has done...perhaps the SEC will lend a hand and place a few severe sanctions upon Sprint , Hessee and the CLWR B of D's.

    for those that think that BOD's don't care, its far more complicated. These people sit on Boards for a living..if they get tarnished here..the career as a BOD is likely complete, much like our resident ymb analyst.

    DISH won't be the situation. It's kind of like a deal on shark tank...spread the risk.

    Sprint, without CLWR is the bidding war commence...second trance passed up by ya feeling, Dan?


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    • Saw your name on my facebook as sharing mutual friends - Have you by any chance attended ASIJ? Or maybe St. Mary´s?

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    • LOL! You are a funny #$%$.

      Everyone with half a brain can read your junk and take its for what its worth... again, post facts not unsubstantiated statements. What good are you doing anyone.. just read what you wrote.. its unintelligent banter...what you have posted.. juvvy 'eat your veggies' stuff. toke up or veggies-brained master.

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      • You're not wrong, Teamrep, you're just an #$%$.

        As for CLWR, the biggest suckers bought at the IPO. The rest of the suckers bought on the way down. All CLWR owns is 40 MHz of the 2.5 given to them by Sprint and sundry other towers and infrastructure paid for by said suckers. As for the rest of the EBS, CLWR is a middle man and a #$%$ middle man at that. Maybe the licensing of the EBS appeared as a coup in the beginning so that McCaw and the rest could leverage it into cash from the likes of Google and Intel. As it stands now, it is mostly underutilized if it all and Sprint and Dish have basically offered enough to buy the owned 40 MHz. Could the 2.5 have value? Sure, but not with CLWR at the helm, that much has been proven.

      • If anyone knows about unsubstantiated bloviating, it's TR, however like usual you're wrong and so FOS and exactly who he was referring to when he said people have been wrong for 4 years however my bet is more like 40 years for win the most thumbs down award tho and somehow I think in your twisted mind you think that's special.

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      • TR, I tried to put you on ignore, but it's like an addiction to see what you come up with next. You seem pre-programmed to think in two logic loops. One with a "I can do no wrong" routine and the other a " therefore I must be right" subroutine. So, life is good because you are always right. It's brilliant. Who knows, a future syntax error might land you in a different part of the program. One you might like more. I will keep reading. You have an irreverent attitude; which is alright with me. A little humility with that technical knowledge might get you more up-thumbs here. I'm sure you care deeply. :)

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    • Who has got that 4.99%? Holding strong in veggie land.

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    • You mean Clearwire without Sprint is toast, like with only 1.5M subscribers.

      Sprint provides 10.5M WiMax customers to Clearwire and when that's gone Clearwire will have to file bankruptcy.

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      • wrong. CLWR gets sold, absorbed or partners. Sprint goes away...slowly at first...then becomes a weak, prepaid player.

        I offer a 50% chance that the SB deal goes through ,as proposed. S balance sheet can't keep the boat afloat and Son does not want Sprint alone for 20B dollars.

        If Sprint/SB does not pass...the CLWR deal is a moot point. Sprints offer is far more "illusionary" than DISH's in the fact that Sprint is telling CLWR "we will buy you IF we get the SB deal complete"......i guess Hessee did not eat his veggies, ay?

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      • Do you want to get beach slapped again. Sprint 4G uses Wimax. Wimax=CLWR.
        Sprint is burning more cash than CLWR. Why does an external company such as Softbank, drive Sprint to come to there senses? Look at the news, they are pointing to CLWR not Sprint. Use SPF 100 before you get burned...Beach!

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    • I agree very Good Post

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