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  • utttina utttina Feb 2, 2013 7:25 PM Flag

    Sprint Wouldn't Sell for $5/sh Why Should You??

    Greyfoxed not let your emotions get the best of you know that Dish did not contest the FCC as of recent for the softbank acquisition ..I
    There have to be a reason why?one could be a partnership with sprint and forget about Clwr

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    • you can have all the Spectrum in the world but if it is not on towers what good is it.?

      Clear is up and Running that is why sprint hangs on to them they would need towers and real estate for their Vision as for Dish same problem unless the can beam it from Sat. Not.

      make me wonder where these great minds come from. Oh i forgot their on Penny stock too

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I'm sure DTV would just sit there once Sprint is out of the way, do you remember the direct request for divestures sent to the FCC...they want in and could well be the new 4.99% holders.

        Being free of Sprints "expressed" control for the sake of valuing the spectrum would be a benefit. Sprint knows this and is the reason for its heavy handedness, other wise they would tell Clear to go ahead and shop the spectrum all they want and gain all the retail investors support when nothing was forth coming.

        What do you think the chances of that are for happening?

      • Sprint and Cleawire shares the same towers in many of their sites. Sprint’s equipment are multimode with multi-frequency antenna that can easily tune in to the adjacent Dish’s AWS from Sprint's PCS (contiguous segment), no biggie there.

        Besides, if Dish is to partner with Sprint it will be expected that Dish will contribute to the buildout perhaps pouring in $billions together with SB funding which means Network Vision will be quickly built with more financial contributors and less baggage.