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  • indano indano Feb 2, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    Google + LiveU + WiMAX (TD-LTE) = Clearwire !!!

    LU Xtender (LiveU)
    External Antenna for Extra-Strong Resiliency in Extreme Scenarios (or Google's MOTO group builds to support their acquisition of Clearwire)
    Place this on a roof-top and aggregate (support) ALL carriers in the neighborhood and shift the HEAVY DATA users to Clearwire Spectrum!!

    You gotta know Google is on-to this !!!!!!! and CLWR spectrum makes YOU a King !!!!!!


    700 MHz - 900 MHz & 1.7GHz - 2.6GHz


    700 MHz - 900 MHz & 1.7GHz - 2.6GHz

    LiveU's new external antenna, the LiveU Xtender, increases network reception, providing additional resiliency for live video transmission in extreme scenarios, such as heavily crowded locations. The LiveU Xtender adds six additional network connections to LiveU's LU70 professional-grade backpack and covers all current 3G/4G LTE cellular network bands worldwide. The combined LU70 and Xtender solution supports up to 13 network connections.

    Remotely-Located or Vehicle-Mounted

    The LiveU Xtender can be remotely-located or vehicle-mounted, creating a revolutionary mobile newsgathering (MNG) vehicle with satellite-like reliabilty, faster set-up time and lower overheads than traditional SNG trucks.

    Platform Flexibility: LiveU's products can be used for either TV or web/mobile transmission. For more information about LiveU's cellular-based uplink architecture, please visit our Technology page.

    Network Connections

    Up to 6 4G LTE / 3G cellular, Wi-Fi MIMO 2.4/5.8G, Ethernet

    10.6 x 13.9 x 10.2 inches

    DC In/DC Out/Ethernet/USB Type A (host)/USB Type B (gadget)/RF

    Power Handling
    AC 100-240V/DC 12-19V

    Battery Support
    Anton Bauer / IDX

    Optimal Operation mode (length of USB cable from the device)
    16 ft. (98 ft. with active USB extenders)


    700 MHz - 900 MHz & 1.7GHz - 2.6GHz

    Operating Temperature

    -40C to +60C (-40F to 140F)

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    • Penetration of higher frequencies (2.6 GHz) is no longer an issue with the
      advent of compact RF signal boosters being deployed (all across India at least)
      inside of malls, hotels, homes, theaters, airports etc. The external signal is
      received by the booster and amplified by making it bounce across the internal
      wiring of these structures resulting in a strong amplitude (intensity)
      transmission to the receiver in your mobile device. And the resultant speed
      because of the hi-freq. 2.6 GHz tdd-lte is astronomical compared to lower 700
      MHz bands etc. Moreover, "Reliability and Maintainability" is a complex subject
      with different probability distributions such as the nonlinear Weibull etc. used
      in calculating the MTBF (mean time before failure). In the simple matter of wave
      propagation it is irrelevant when the strength (amplitude) of the signal can be
      maintained through the last mile, and interference (penetration) is not an issue
      nowadays with the advent of such compact hi-coverage RF signal boosters. Moreover, Signal intensity (or power is proportional to signal amplitude) is different from
      speed which is directly proportional to the frequency. So, for a constant
      amplitude between 2 signals, say, dish at 1GHz and clear at 2.6 GHz - the clear
      signal would have a greater speed. This would be true even if the amplitude of
      the dish signal were higher. The FDD-LTE technology is notorious when it comes to spectrum hogging. For every FDD LTE setup it takes 3 spectrums (1 spectrum upload, 1 spectrum download, and 1 spectrum just to keep them apart) while TDD shares everything within its single spectrum. I think the industries have now come to their senses that FDD is just too wasteful. Since CLWR practically owns the spectrum of “TDD Global 2.5 GHz Standard” in the US market I would expect every smartphone/tablet will include 2.5GHz band as part of its standard equipment, meaning worldwide roaming will now be possible. This makes CLWR spectrum even more valuable assets. CLWR currently have over 9000 spectrums that worth some have estimated at upward of $40B-$50B, and out of which 71% is owned and 29% is leased.
      GOOG would do well in taking out the 49% remaining stake which will fairly satisfy the minority institutionals (crest, kellet, glenview, taran etc.) + retail unaffiliated.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to nivegulu
      • I agree and also think we have not heard the last of these bids for Clear Wire from others.

        Sprint made their move to late for clear as the soft deal let the cats out of the bang. others see what is about to happen and on the sidelines with time on their side as this as the Gov. said will be a long investigation longer then the one Sprint and Soft ever thought of. also i do not think Son is the man to play 3rd fiddle by taken only the 25% of Sprint the Gov. has on the books at present.

        Let The Games Begin

        Sentiment: Strong Buy